ProveSource + = More Conversions!

I’m super excited to announce our newest and powerful integration with

Segment is the easiest way to install your favorite analytics tools on your website or mobile app. Mixpanel, Salesforce, Omniture, and over a hundred others. It is a layer on top of other analytics tools that lets you integrate with one single API in the place of many. You can easily turn on new tools with the “flip of a switch.

ProveSource’s integration with Segment allows you to send detailed metrics about how your visitors are interacting with your ProveSource notifications.

Integrating ProveSource with Segment is quick and simple! All you need to do is paste your “write key” into the Integrations page on your ProveSource admin dashboard.

And that’s it! Any data related to your ProveSource notifications will now be sending directly to Segment.

By integrating a best-of-breed analytics layer, we can provide our mutual customers with the data they need to drive more revenues and conversions.

Yosi Dahan
Co-founder & CEO at ProveSource
Thinking about new ways to help our customers grow their business, build trust with their website visitors and improve their conversions rates using social proof and psychological tactics.

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