39 Best Lead Generation Tools for 2022 [+Use Cases]

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Today you’re going to learn about new lead generation tools you can use to generate leads and build an email list for your business.

Bonus Material: Free Lead Generation Tools List [+ extra tools]

Best Lead Generation Tools

Here’s a basic breakdown by category.

Let’s do this!

Here are our top picks for the best lead generation tools.

Popups and Forms

Perhaps the first type of Marketing tool that business owners come across, are popups and Email Marketing tools.

Use case 💡

The goal is to offer a free resource that people enter their email to receive.

Whether it’s an ebook, a checklist, a brochure, or simply an email newsletter subscription.


Convertflow is one of the smartest popup tools that exist out there. It allows you to create completely custom pop-ups and forms using their drag and drop builder.

The coolest thing about it is you can use Convertflow to ask your website visitor questions to segment them and then display personalized pop-ups.


Price: 14 day free trial. Free up to 500 visitors/month, then $29-$300/month.

Official Website:



Like most Email Marketing tools, ActiveCampaign allows you to create forms and popups that you can display across the website.

Since most businesses that use ActiveCampaign also utilize it as their CRM, you don’t need any fancy integrations to send the leads from the popup to the database.

Plus you have complete information over the lead source and medium (aka how it landed on your website).

ActiveCampaign forms can also be integrated into their chatbots, called Conversations, so yet another win for the tool.


Price: free trial. $15-$279/month.

Official Website:



RightMessage focuses on website personalization.

It allows you to survey people on the website, split them into different segments, then display personalized CTAs and lead generation forms according to the segment they belong to.

You can also personalize your website landing pages to increase your overall website conversion using RightMessage.


Price: 14 day free trial. $79-$769/month.

Official Website:



Probably the best way for Marketers to build websites and landing pages on WordPress and without technical expertise.

Elementor allows you to create multi-step forms and popups, and display them anywhere you want across your website, without a monthly subscription fee as most Lead generation tools.

As a bonus, it features native integrations with the most popular Marketing tools.


Price: $49-$199/month.

Official Website:


Email Address Finders

This category of tools allows you to find the emails of specific people or the emails of employees of specific companies.

Use case 💡

Create a list of people or companies that you’re looking to get in contact with.

Use Email Address Finders to find their email addresses and contact information.

Reach out using an Email outreach tool, and communicate your message (e.g. build partnerships, generate backlinks, book sales meetings, etc.)


Lisha shines at allowing you to find the email and phone number of almost anyone on LinkedIn.

Thanks to its extensive database and intuitive Chrome extension, finding the emails of prospects has never been easier. A must-have for anyone doing B2B Marketing.


Price: 5 free credits/month. $39-$49/month.

Official Website:



From email discovery from LinkedIn and company websites to email drip campaigns and email validation, Snov.io is a complete solution for generating leads and reaching out to your target audience.

Cool feature: Free unlimited email tracking. Snov.io provides a Chrome extension for Gmail that allows you to track when leads open your emails and follow links.


Price: 50 free credits/month. $39-$199/month.

Official Website:



FindThatLead lets you find email addresses from any business website in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.

Cool feature: Find email addresses directly in your spreadsheets with the Google Sheets Add-on. Simply fill out the spreadsheet with the domains or First name + Last name + Website, and FindThatLead will automatically populate their email addresses.


Price: free plan. $49-$399/month.

Official Website:


Prospecting and Outreach Tools

Reaching out to business contacts and individuals has come a long way.

One of the common mistakes people usually make is using traditional Email Marketing tools for the job. This is almost certain to get your emails to land on the “promotions” tab, which defeats the purpose of being noticed by the party you’re reaching out to.


One of the best Email Outreach and Cold Emailing tools out there.

Lemlist connects to your Gmail or Outlook account and sends the emails through it, which means increased deliverability and passing through spam filters.

Cool features:

  • Personalize the images inside your email, for an extra “wow” factor.
  • Personalize landing pages with your contacts’ info
  • Auto-trigger Intercom on the landing page to kick off the conversation


Price: 14 day free trial. $29-$99/month.

Official Website:



Apollo combines advanced prospecting capabilities including AI Recommendations and Contact Enrichment with Sales Automation and Analytics, to create a robust tool for enterprises looking to grow using sales and lead generation.


Price: 50 free credits/month. $49-$150/month.

Official Website:



Outreach is an enterprise-level solution for sales teams looking to scale their Lead generation and Sales efforts using a full-featured sales engagement platform.


Price: Need to request a quote.

Official Website:


Data Enrichment

You can use Data Enrichment tools alongside your Marketing infrastructure to uncover additional information about your target audience and people interacting with your website and content.

Use case

Uncover the companies visiting your website, generate lists of companies that use specific technologies, enrich your CRM with additional data, and then reach out to your prospects.


Albacross shows you who your website visitors are and what they are interested in so that you can turn them into customers.


Price: Need to request pricing.

Official Website:



Build lists of websites from over 45,665+ web technologies like shopping carts, analytics, hosting, and many more. Get to know which platforms your prospects use before you talk to them.


Price: $295-$995/month

Official Website:



Reveal your highest value website visitors, and take action as soon as a target account hits your website. Get full context on every lead, contact, and account in your company’s CRM and drive conversion and wins at scale.

Price: free trial. Request demo for pricing.

Official Website:


Funnel Builders

One of the best ways to generate leads is by driving traffic into a landing page or funnel that is optimized for conversions.

Use cases

Build optimized lead generation and sales flows to generate targeted leads from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other marketing campaigns.


Instapage allows anyone to create personalized, mobile-responsive post-click landing pages and experiences without needing a developer. It’s especially useful when used to create landing pages for Google Ads or Facebook Ads.


Price: $199/month.

Official Website:


Thrive Architect

Build landing pages and funnels on WordPress with a high-converting theme. Thrive Architect includes a lead generation module, which you can use to add fully customizable opt-in forms anywhere in your content.

Thrive Architect

Price: $67 once, or $19/month paid annually.

Official Website:



Clickfunnels helps you quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert website visitors into leads and customers. It’s one of the most complete It includes ready-made templates that make it very easy to get started and create your funnels.


Cool feature: use order bumps and 1-click upsells to increase your average order value.

Price: $97-$297/month

Official Website:


LinkedIn Sales Tools

LinkedIn has become the default social network for business users. Anyone who’s looking to network or simply interact with like-minded professionals can use these tools to engage with people, generate emails, and reach out to them at scale.

Use cases

Create lists of individuals who belong to your target audience. Connect with them, gather their email and contact information, the reach out on LinkedIn or Email.


Expandi is yet another LinkedIn sales tool, but it claims to be the safest LinkedIn tool on the market. It’s efficient as it runs only on your computer (or at specific times, depending on your settings). Plus the team is regularly publishing “Growth Hacks” of themselves, making it easy to replicate their moves and achieve the same levels of success.


Cool feature: Change the Game and use personalized GIFs and Images in your LinkedIn Outreach Strategy.

Price: $99 per account/month.

Official Website:



Skylead is a cloud-based B2B social selling tool that helps you launch and run Lead Generation campaigns on LinkedIn to grow your pipeline. It includes a smart inbox for your sales conversations and integrates with almost any CRM to keep track of your leads.


Price: $100 per LinkedIn account/month.

Official Website:



Alfred, previously known as Leonard, is a jack-of-all-trades LinkedIn automation tool that focuses mainly on end-to-end social selling campaigns. Alfred helps with better team management, building LinkedIn campaigns, and automating some outreach sequences.


Price: free trial. $0-$149/month.

Official Website:


Quizzes & Calculators

This type of interactive lead generation wonder works wonders, especially in the B2C market represents one of the best ways to collect leads from your website and other properties.

Use case: think of topics that your target audience is attracted to. From “how much would it cost to build an iOS app” to “what’s your ideal electric car”. Look them up using Ahrefs to make sure you got the right keywords. Then create a quiz, calculator, or assessment, get people to fill it out, so you can provide them with recommendations while collecting their contact information and segmenting them into different groups.


Typeform provides an easy way to create beautiful forms and surveys. They provide a lot of ready-made templates that you can customize heavily to make them match your brand style. You can also score your users’ replies so that you provide them with a final score or result after they’ve filled out the questionnaire.

Cool features:

  • you can embed your forms on your website and landing pages for a more native feeling. You can also turn your forms into conversational experiences in a few clicks.
  • If you know a user’s email address, but want to learn more about them, you can send them an email with a link to a Typeform, passing their email as a hidden input, so you don’t have to ask for it again. “Magic!”


Price: free plan. €30-€70/month.

Official Website:



Leadformly works especially well for businesses looking to transform traditional forms and questionnaires into more user-friendly lead generation assets.

They can be embedded across your website, so you can get rid of your old boring forms and increase your conversion rates by getting more people to take action.


Price: 14 day free trial. $37-$749/month (paid annually).

Official Website:



Outgrow is an interactive content creation platform, that allows you to effortlessly create unique experiences to convert your website traffic using calculators, quizzes, assessments, and recommendations. Its focus on lead generation combined with its Branching Logic and Conditional Messaging features, make ideal for Marketers who are looking to generate leads fast.


Price: 7 day free trial. $22-$720/month

Official Website:



One of the latest trends in Marketing is Conversational or Messenger Marketing.

While we’ve had live chat software for a long time, it turns out that guiding a user through a conversational interface is a lot easier than more traditional approaches, so chatbots become a valuable asset for Lead generation.

Use case

Create a scripted conversation in your chatbot platform, then kick off conversations between your users and your chatbot, and let your automation do the work of turning traffic into warm leads and appointments on your sales team’s calendar.


With Landbot you can create full-page conversational experiences. The strong point of this format is you can drop your users on a Landbot landing page, where the conversation flow takes the entire screen, so there’s no option to not convert users who land there. When the only options are to respond to the chatbot and engage with the flow or leave the page, more people are going to convert.

Cool feature: for an additional €50/month, you can add Whatsapp as a channel for your Landbot, engaging and collecting leads natively on Whatsapp.


Price: free plan. €30-€100/month

Official Website:



Intercom’s Custom Bots feature allows you to collect responses from users on your website, while at the same time segmenting them and offering different CTAs for each one, based on their business profile or needs.

Cool feature: you can connect your Marketing tools (like Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Typeform, etc.) to Intercom via its App Store, and offer tailor-made CTAs to your users within your Custom Bot flows.


Price: 14 day free trial. $39-$999/month

Official Website:



The king of Messenger Marketing, Manych integrates with your Facebook page to allow you to have conversations and generate MQLs through Facebook Messenger.

Cool feature: you can use Manychat Growth tools to display pop-ups, add live chat to your website, create QR codes, and many different ways to add users to your Messenger lead generation flows.


Price: free plan. $10-145/month

Official Website:


Growth Automation

This is a special new category of lead generation tools, that combine scraping, email address finding capabilities as well as additional automation and outreach features. They are some of the most powerful Growth and lead generation tools.

Use cases

  • Create lists of targeted users from LinkedIn and reach out via DM or email
  • Extract the list of Facebook users from a group and get their contact info
  • Scrape Google Maps and extract all the available data about local businesses


Automate any action you can do on the web, across a wide variety of social media platforms, communities, and websites. Build workflows that scrape information from the web, generate leads and reach out to them from different channels.


Price: free plan. $30-900/month

Official Website:



With Tex.au you can save hours of your time and work on what really matters by automating your lead generation funnels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Medium, Reddit, etc. They provide a lot of recipes you can just copy and start using.


Price: 14 day free trial. $29-199/month

Official Website:


Video tools

Video is the most engaging content format, so when used for Lead generation it can have some amazing results.

Use case

  • Ask your users questions through video, and allow them to respond using text, audio, or video
  • Record Marketing videos and add forms and CTAs on top of them to collect leads


VideoAsk is an easy way to interact face-to-face with your audience & build stronger business relationships. Just push the record button, ask a question, and share the link with your audience. People can respond via video, audio, and text.


Price: free plan. €27-€46/month

Official Website:



Using Wistia’s Turnstile email collector, you can collect emails right from your videos, making it easy for you to gate content and drive qualified leads to your favorite marketing tools.


Price: free plan. $99/month

Official Website:


Webinar tools

From internal training to capturing leads, marketers from industries across the board use webinars for all kinds of purposes.

Use case

Host a webinar around a topic that’s of high interest among your target audience, promote it and get people to register for it and attend. Then follow up with your offer


The most user-friendly webinar platform out there, allows you to create an end-to-end webinar experience, from the registration page all the way to automated webinar replays.

Cool feature: you can host a live webinar with Demio, record it, and then turn it into an evergreen lead generation resource, by allowing users to register and watch it any time they want through your website.


Price: free plan. $49-$234/month

Official Website:



With Zoom Video Webinars you can host online events with up to 100 interactive video participants and 100 to 10,000 view-only attendees.

Cool feature: Stream your events across social channels with our Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and custom service integrations.


Price: €13.99-€6,049.99/month

Official Website:



Who doesn’t love a free gift? By hosting giveaways online, businesses can generate leads and marketing subscribers very effectively. Plus, you can allow participants to refer their friends for an extra virality element.

Use cases

Host a contest or giveaway, promote it to your audience, drive additional traffic to it using paid ads, and watch the leads come in.


Build powerful competitions and sweepstakes for your business or clients, with a large range of action combinations, integrations, and widgets to help you build successful campaigns.


Price: $97-$997/month

Official Website:


Viral Loops

With Viral Loops, you can run your referral campaigns using pre-made templates inspired by great companies, like Dropbox, Airbnb, and Mailchimp.

Cool feature: Viral Loops has a template that allows you to run your viral giveaways via Facebook Messenger, so you can get a participants email and subscribe them to your Facebook Messenger bot at the same time.

viral loops

Price: $49-$299/month

Official Website:


Advertising Tools

As more and more people become active on social media, it makes sense to utilize the advertising capabilities they provide to generate leads effortlessly, and with extensive targeting capabilities, ranging from one’s interests and affiliations to business and work-related criteria.

Use case

  • Retarget people who visited your website but didn’t convert using Lead Ads, and gather their contact info through a simple form.
  • Find and build relationships with prospects and customers with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead ads make the lead generation process easy. People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up – it’s already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you.

Facebook Lead Ads

Price: free to use. Pay for your ad spend.

Official Website:


LinkedIn Lead Ads

Use professional demographic data to target the right people by job title, company, industry, seniority, and data points, then present them with a pre-filled form to assist conversions from the largest professional network.

linkedin lead ads

Price: free to use. Pay for your ad spend.

Official Website:


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Find leads and reach out on LinkedIn with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. There are more than 20 business-related datapoints available so you can create micro-segments of your target customers and be able to personalize your outreach messaging.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Price: 30 day free trial. $79.99-$134.99/month

Official Website:


Other Lead Generation Tools

A few of our favorite Lead generation tools that can really move the needle in generating fresh, qualified leads for your business.


Allow people to book meetings with you without the tiresome back-and-forth emails, whether it’s for free consultations or product demos.

Cool feature: Supports 1-on-1, round-robin, and collective availability meetings so you can get your entire team on board.


Price: free plan. $10-$15 per user/month.

Official Website:



Add smart, attractive, and converting social proof notifications to your website or online store, boost your conversions and lead generation efforts instantly.

Cool feature: ProveSource allows you to automatically showcase your positive reviews from Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and other review sources.


Price: free plan. $21-$54 per user/month.

Official Website:



Provide immediate free phone callback to your leads and turn website visitors into sales calls.


Price: free plan. $159-$379 per user/month.

Official Website:


What tools should you use to generate leads?

As you know, learning new tools can take time.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Pick one tool and process you’ve never tried before.

👉 Grab it now: Free Lead Generation Tools List [+ extra tools]

Try generating leads with it for ONE month.

If it works, keep using it. If not, come back here and try another one.

Let me know in the comments below right now:

What’s the one tool you’re going to try?

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