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Music creates ambiance. It adds up to the experience of whatever you’re doing. Can you imagine a party without music, a sports event without music, or a startup company without music? Probably not.

It plays a very important role in bringing people together. Whether it’s a festival, concert or a lunch break, people come together to enjoy the music that’s being played. Same here at ProveSource.

I’ve asked each team to create a small collection of with their most preferred songs.

You might find it hilarious, but here are several examples for songs picked by each department:

Sales: Money – Pink Floyd
Marketing: Alone In A Room – Asking Alexandria
Support: The Bitter End – Placebo
Engineering: No Giving Up – Crossfade (And no, rock and heavy metal don’t lead people to commit suicide 😃)

You can find the full playlists right here:


Josh Walker
VP Marketing at ProveSource
As ProveSource's VP of Marketing, I'm leading all aspects of the company's global marketing initiatives, from strategy through execution. Utilizing all inbound and outbound B2B marketing channels, My team is successfully supporting ProveSource's rapid growth and establishing its position as a market leader in its space, globally.

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