There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Remote Working Than Now

There’s no denying that remote working has become or is at least becoming mainstream. Growing steadily in popularity over the last few years, the recent Coronavirus pandemic has now even introduced remote working to businesses that were stuck in their ways and against it.

In short, remote working is taking off, and whether you’re looking at it for the first time or it’s something you’ve been looking at for some time, but something’s been holding you back, let’s make this decision by detailing the best reasons why remote working is what you need.

Remote Working is Freedom

By allowing employees to remote work, you’re giving them the freedom they want and need to live the life they want to live. Sure, as a boss or manager, you want people to come in and work, and you want to be able to see what they’re up too, but nobody, not even you, can say you love going into the office five-seven times a week.

What happens when you have somewhere to be, a family event, or a school play you need to see? Do you struggle to get it covered? Does everyone get stressed out or end up lying to get the time off? Why promote this kind of environment when you can just implement remote working and let people have the freedom to live satisfying lives?

Increased Productivity

“Hand in hand with the point above, the happier your employees are, the more productive they are. Whether you’re setting them up with tasks, having meetings, discussing future plans, or just needing to meet deadlines, if your employees are happy and fulfilled, they’re going to produce work faster and to a higher quality,” explains Charlotte Blake, a marketing writer at Draft Beyond and Last Minute Writing.

The Technology is There

One of the main problems with remote working is being able to get everything done and stay connected. If you wanted to work at home in the past, you’d have to take all the documents you needed home and come back into the office at some point to bring them back with your finished work. If someone else needed the documents, then this would be impossible.

However, technology has made it, so this isn’t a problem anymore. With cloud-based file storage, real-time document editing and collaboration tools and video chat software for hosting meetings and talking to clients, it doesn’t really matter what work you’re working on, you can get it done from anywhere in the world.

Everyone Saves Money

Whether you’re working from home and no longer have to commute to work, or you’re running a company that needs to provide supplies and computers to their employees, remote working opens the door for everybody within a business to save money. Even down to the small things.

“Let’s say you work in an office and you go out at lunch and spend $10 on lunch, every day. That’s $50 a week, or $200 a month, just on food. Now you’re eating at home and making lunch for yourself, this is all money you’ve saved!” shares Nick Harrison., a business blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

You Can Work Anywhere

If your dream job has now opened up in the US, but you’re happy living in Europe, in the past you simply wouldn’t be able to get this job, but now, with the existence of remote working, you can work for any company, anywhere in the world. You are not limited by geographical location at all.

The same applies to companies. Instead of having to rely on the workforce in your local area, you can now hire people from anywhere in the world, giving you the unique opportunity to source and hire the very best talent for whatever role or vacancy you’re recruiting for.

It’s Flexible

Since people can work their own hours, this frees them up to work on other projects or on different tasks. Say you need help with something, or you need someone to come in for a meeting with a client, because they’re not stuck in the mundane and restrictive routine, they can instead come whenever you need them. It’s much more open to how you can spend a day.

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