4 Tactics to Make Viral Content Marketing Strategies

It is the dream of most, if not all content marketers, to have their content go viral one day. It changes your life completely.

Talk about the number of people diving into your website. Talk of your brand now known to most. Or the people engaging with your content and finally, the most important of all, the number of individuals, businesses, and corporations that wish to do business with you, and the monetary benefits that come from it.

The question is, “What makes your content viral?” You might have overlooked this for a while, but one of the reasons is the use of weird and funny ideas in viral content marketing strategies, which we are ready to share with you at this point. 

Choose the Unique Product Feature Setting It Apart from Others

If you have a product, pay attention to it, and deliver content to your audience in a way that captures them. You are not just limited to making it funny but also shocking. Not only things that make people laugh online attract people to your website.  We have seen people quite attracted to disturbing images and clips online, and we keep wondering whether they are doing the right thing. The point is that not all want to know how good something is. Some want to see the tragedy associated with it.  

Track Web Trends, Be Interactive and Gain Backlinks and Social Attention

There are multiple ways of achieving this.   

Using Previously Trending Content

There is a lot of content online that trended in the past that people are almost forgetting existed. While the content might have had its moment of glory and is now not trending, you still have a chance to ride on the popularity it created for itself. People like it when something reminds them of good past or moments hidden in the cores of their brains. 

In 2014, Virgin America needed to tell the world that it had a happy and satisfied staff. At the time, Pharrell Williams clip Happy was a hit with over half a billion views on YouTube. Using the song as a soundtrack danced to by Virgin America staff had to date made Richard Branson’s company one of the corporations with quite delighted employees across the world.

Using Quizzes

Apart from using previously trending content, you might find quizzes an exciting way of using weird and funny ideas in your viral content marketing strategy. When your plan is to go viral, then you might want to think of the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. Facebook is popular for quizzes. Through contests to followers, you can test audience knowledge and even generate more engagement and content shares. 

Creating Email Campaigns 

It takes a lot of effort to make someone open an email, read, archives it, and even share it. If you can do your email marketing properly, then you could benefit from the opens, calls-to-action, and shares.  Treat email as content, start by figuring out the best subject line, the best language for your email, and calls-to-action within and at the end of email’s body text. You might need the assistance of a content writing service with your emails.  This choice may not be easy, which is where online tools like Alltopreviews.com and Freelancer come in to help make your choice easier.     

Create Memes 

Memes are common and a major trend today. Some digital marketers might think that memes are for idle individuals at offices and work, but the purpose of memes never ends there. According to Forbes, memes encapsulate both humor and weirdness, therefore an appropriate way to use weird and funny ideas in your content marketing. 

Venngage, for example, lists memes as one of the top five forms of visual content that offer the highest engagement. It is, therefore, advisable for any content marketing strategy to include memes as one of the tools of creating funny and weird content.  While creating memes, it is good to settle on memes that are easy for anyone in your audience to relate to when seeing it. As you work on your meme game, you need to pay attention to several things. Do not be scared of using appropriate memes to market your product or service. Here is what to do to make your memes suitable:

  • Do not be too hard on yourself when creating a meme. Creating memes is art and, therefore, no need for limiting yourself. You need all the freedom in your thought process to come up with silly and ridiculous content to market. 
  • Be natural and straightforward in your choice of language. It will not make sense to other people if you give them funny and weird content that they cannot decipher based on your choice of words. 
  • Make the jokes specific to your niche, product, or industry. Specificity makes it easy for people to connect your memes to what you are selling or offering to the market. 

A Little Sense of Weirdness Is a Good Thing

Before you impose any sense of weirdness on your target audience, you need to study it. Remember that the audience you might be reaching is a mixed audience with the chance that one sense of weirdness for one group may not be the same for another.  It could be because of age, ethnicity, and culture beliefs. Once you get these things right, it will feel appropriate to be somewhat weird to your audience. Not only will it make sense to them, but also they will engage with, and you will have fun doing it.

Now you know how to use weird and funny ideas in your viral content marketing strategies. All that is remaining is making it work for your websites and attract more traffic to your site, creating more engagement, and enjoy the benefits of thriving websites like your peers in the content marketing industry.

Daniela McVicker
Contributing Editor at Top Writers Review
Daniela McVicker is a blogger with rich experience in writing about UX design, content planning, and digital marketing. Currently, she is the contributing editor at Top Writers Review where she helps individuals and organizations improve their web content writing, design, and planning skills.

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