Search for potential customers: 8 Mistakes

The goal of every business is to get a steady stream of customers. If you are a beginner entrepreneur, then most likely the sale is up to you now. This is a painstaking process that requires skills and a lot of knowledge. This is the only way to ensure the constant closure of transactions and the success of the company. We want to talk about the main mistakes that can cost money and reduce sales.

1. No understanding of the target audience.

Selling everything to everyone is a bad idea. If you do not know who might be interested in a proposal, you will waste time. Most people will not purchase a product, not because it is bad, but because it is not needed or too expensive.

Therefore, before starting the sales process, it is necessary to determine the target audience. This will help to understand the motives of people, what problems a product solves and what is important, find a solvent segment.

Thus, it will not be necessary to waste time in vain and concentrate efforts on the result. Companies that believe their product is suitable for everyone do poorly in sales. This is due to great competition and the desire of consumers to feel special. According to data, 66% of customers want to get personalized from interacting with brands. 

2. Errors in documents, promotional materials and letters

Good sales are directly related to a positive image. However, it is not possible to make a good impression when you make typos in advertising materials or in the process of correspondence with customers. If you are not an expert in the field of writing, then it is better to check the texts for spelling errors with the help of Grammarly or give them for proofreading in companies engaged in thesis writing. This will help to establish common ground and look professional in the eyes of the client.

3. Desperate desire to sell

People love confident and successful people. If you behave obsessively, trying to close the deal in every way, you will get the opposite effect. The interlocutor feels the pressure and he does not like it. You will lose a huge number of potential customers with this approach. 

75% of consumers are willing to talk with sales staff if they are interested in a product. 

The secret to successful sales lies in the ability to maintain a balance between the desire to sell and the benefits for consumers. Your task is to talk about the product in the context of customer benefit, just present it. If what you sell deserves attention, they will buy it and remain satisfied.

If you want to close the deal faster, create a sense of urgency. Report how long the offer is valid. In the desire not to miss the opportunity, the client will quickly decide on the acquisition.

Another problem that can be attributed to this point is when you do not know the word “no”. You agree to everything. There are several outcomes to this situation. First, you begin to lose professionalism in the eyes of the consumer. Secondly, it is not always beneficial for you. Thirdly, you are not able to fulfill all promises, which as a result negatively affects the relationship with the client. Therefore, learn to abandon dubious undertakings. Remember, it is not the number of transactions that matters, but their quality.

4. Throwing customer unnecessary information

Inexperienced sellers tell a lot about the product. Too much. This is not just not selling, but confusing and repulsive. People feel uncomfortable, not understanding the interlocutor. Be concise, speak on business and in simple words. Don’t be confused by the complex terminology of a potential customer. Speak with him in his language.

It is important to filter the information before the conversation. Make sure that the other person is interested in listening to you. Sometimes the desire to impress someone becomes a method of fatigue. The human brain often wanders and this cannot be neglected. According to studies, modern people in most cases lose concentration after 8 seconds.

5. The product is unremarkable

30% of sales representatives say it’s much more difficult to close a deal now than it was a few years ago. You do not have a USP, which means that the product is no different from its market counterparts. Today, consumers daily receive a huge amount of advertising messages and offers from various companies. Therefore, for successful promotion it is very important to find and demonstrate benefits. What problems does the product solve and how is it better than others, why you should choose it.

This will make it possible to stand out from the competition and convey the value of the product to potential customers. Ignoring USP Importance – Critical Mistake of Most Businesses. 

6. One-time sales

Many people want to sell here and now, not thinking about the long term. Attracting new customers is an important task. However, it is even more important to turn the first purchase into a series of subsequent ones. Work on loyalty right away. Really offer what the client needs.

Do not try to sell a lot right away. Take care of the consumer, consider all his wishes. Let the check be small, but permanent. According to the study, participants in the loyalty program bring 12-18% more income when compared with ordinary customers. 

7. Defocusing the target

Coming to a meeting, talk about business. You should not waste time on empty conversations. Do not forget the goal – this is a sale, so start talking about the offer. After the presentation, you can discuss common interests. But it should not take 80% of the time. Make sure all necessary details have been discussed. 40% of sales agents said compared with 2-3 years ago, it is harder to get a response from customers now. So don’t waste time.

8. No material evidence

Studies have shown that 97% of consumers take into account reviews of other customers in the process of making a purchasing decision, and 94% of people read reviews if they are presented. If you offer a product and you do not have material evidence, this significantly reduces the chances of sales. Take care of this and you will get much more feedback. If you do not have any reviews yet, offer the first customers special conditions and ask them to leave a review. Each positive customer experience is a significant plus for you. 


Sales are an exciting process that requires a good understanding of human psychology. You need to know where it is appropriate to be more persistent, and where it is better to slow down. Use our recommendations and never make such mistakes. This will help to succeed in closing deals and increase business efficiency.

Haley Osborne
Freelance Writer
Haley Osborne is an active freelance writer. He is fond of management and follows modern trends. Strive every day to learn something new and share their knowledge with others.

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