7 Cheap yet Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics

Businesses and social media are inseparable. With the availability of internet services, most people use social media platforms on smartphones and computers. Therefore, companies need to use social media for marketing their products, services, events, and brand. 

According to research, there are more than 2.77 billion social media users over the world. It is approximately 40 percent of the global population, and the users are going to increase further. Facebook is the most used platforms, but Instagram and Twitter are also making an impact on businesses. 

However, it might be challenging for small businesses to use expensive marketing strategies for advertising their business. They need to find and use inexpensive social media marketing techniques and keep themselves updated about the latest digital marketing trends. This post shares seven cheap but effective social media marketing tactics for small businesses. 

Produce Quality Content

High-quality content is the base of any online business. It is essential to produce and publish quality content to market your business. Content is the building block of every effective social media marketing campaign.  You need to publish quality content and share the same to your social media pages. 

Your content can be around the expert tips and opinions for your customers. Also, you can offer the best practices and strategies around the products or services you are offering to your customers. Moreover, don’t forget to ask your audience to like and share your content. Posting high quality content and engaging your audience to share the same is the key to success on social media. 

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Make Use of Videos

Everybody does not like text content. Some people like watching videos as it is easy for them to watch a video than to read a text. Videos are the future of content marketing, and businesses need to use them for marketing. Companies using videos in their content or have YouTube channels have proven that videos are useful in marketing, and people like to watch them. 

For example, if you are into a food business, your customers would like to see the videos of your food instead of text. Videos are a vital part of restaurant social media marketing. Food businesses are already using videos to show their customers what they have on the menu. 

Video content helps businesses to increase their sales and customer engagement on their blogs and websites. Using videos is one of the cost-effective social media tactics because videos don’t need to be commercial or high-end production to engage potential customers. 

Use Visual Content

Businesses cannot ignore the power of visual content as it goes hand in hand with social media. Humans are visual creatures, and using images, and graphics can help you engage your customers. Research has already proven that images can lead to 85% interaction rate on Facebook. Also, the use of images and social media graphics has lead to increasing retweets by 35%. 

There are multiple ways you can use visuals on your social media pages. You can use the images of a new product, and ask the followers to add the most appropriate captions to the photos. Businesses can also ask the followers to share their pictures in action or hold a photo contest and ask the followers to participate in it to win prizes. 

Games and Contests

Most people like to participate in games and contests, and these are effective tactics to boost engagement on Facebook and Instagram. The best benefit of using these tactics is that they can effectively engage people on your social media platforms because most people like to participate in games and contests to win prizes. You can ask your followers to fill a form, like your page or share their favorite story about your brand to win a free product or subscription of your brand.

Focus on Instagram and Facebook


Facebook and Instagram are two highly used platforms by people. Facebook is the social media giant, with over 2 billion active users at present. Most consumers are influenced by F&B social media to make their shopping decisions. Facebook represents almost 44 percent of the total shopping decisions influenced by social media. Facebook and Instagram pages are common for café social media marketing.

There are free and paid forms of advertising on Facebook. You can use free or paid advertisements as per your budget and requirements. The paid advertising campaigns are not too expensive and are worth the money you spend on running them. 

Instagram is another platform for advertising and generating sales. Many businesses use Instagram to generate leads for sales. Create an Instagram page for your business and advertise about your products, services, and brand among your followers. 

Social Media Influencers

Taking help from social media influencers is another way to advertise your business, products, and services. Influencers are the people with a large following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Many companies approach social media influencers to promote their products and brand. Although they charge you money, they can advertise your offerings to their mass followers. 

Post Content to Relevant Audience

For the success of your advertising campaigns, you need to post your social media posts before the right audience. If you are using paid advertising on a platform like Facebook, there are options to choose the demographics and location. However, with free advertising, you need to post them in the right groups. For example, if you are advertising academic courses, you need to post them in the educational groups where most of the members are students. 

Final Words

These are some cost-effective social media marketing techniques you can use for advertising of your business. Publishing the right content before the right audience at the right time is the key to successful social media advertisements and engaging the existing and potential customers. 

Sandra Rosen
Content Editor at Venngage
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