How to Get Your Employees to Rep Your Brand

Here are some of the best ways to get your employees to love your brand as much as you do. 

1. Create a Powerful Brand Story

The first thing to start with here is a succinct philosophy. Now, when it comes to justifying your company philosophy, don’t be afraid to get vulnerable. People love hearing a story that they can relate to, so make sure that your employees not only understand exactly what your brand represents today but also where it all started and why. 

One of the keys to maintaining a powerful message is consistent visual branding. By using company swag and promotional products to paint a clear picture of what your brand represents both inside and outside of the workplace, you will be helping to ensure that your brand and the story it represents stays on people’s minds. Furthermore, attractive branded promotional products are the type of conversation starter that will encourage your employees to spread your brand’s message well beyond the confines of the office. 

2. Hook Them up with Company Swag They Will Want to Show Off

The Advertising Speciality Institute points out that quality and utility are the two main reasons that people are likely to hang on to those promotional branded products. This means that when it comes to handing out company swag, it pays to shoot for products that boast the highest level of durability and functionality. 

For instance, by leveraging your brand in relation to another brand that is well-known for producing high-quality products, you will also enforce your own brand’s commitment to excellence while providing your employees with a piece of merchandise that they will be proud to show off to others. 

Remember that cool company swag is not only great for boosting brand loyalty in your own team, but also for generating loads of free exposure. The Global Ad Impressions Study recently found that handy items like promotional pens tend to generate a whopping 3000 impressions in their lifetime. Essentially, even a small investment in branded merchandise can go a long way to creating an overall positive impression of your brand.

Offering your employees company swag they can use on a daily basis will also contribute to a healthier company culture.

3. Make Use of Rewards and Incentives to Boost Morale

Employees love to be noticed and recognized for their hard work, and this is why instituting a reward or incentive program is such a great way to boost morale. An investment in workplace morale will typically pay off in spades by encouraging higher levels of productivity, efficiency and overall positivity in the workplace. 

When it comes to employee incentive programs, making use of branded promotional products as rewards is often a particularly effective strategy. After all, employees will be highly likely to want to show off the fruits of their achievements to friends and family, and this means even more positive impressions for your brand. Talk about a win-win!

4. Use a Referral Program to Spread the Word

Another great way to encourage employees to actively get behind your brand is through the use of a referral program. 

By offering smart incentives like nifty company swag for every referral generated you will not only be encouraging your employees to spread your message but also drumming up tons of free exposure. 

5. Start Your Own Company Store

Want to give your employees easy access to fantastic products that consistently represent your brand? Try starting up your own company store. 

Many are under the false impression that a company store will be a hassle to get started or difficult to maintain, but in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a company store is a great way to reduce the burden when it comes to ordering company merchandise. At the same time, it allows employees exclusive access and autonomy when it comes to purchasing their favorite branded products.

Leo Friedman
Founder & CEO at iPromo
Leo is the founder and CEO of iPromo, one of the top promotional goods businesses in the world. Leo is passionate about helping companies brand smarter and more effectively.

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