Top 10 eCommerce marketing ideas that will improve your ROI in 2020

Over the past couple of years, eCommerce has grown at an unprecedented rate, and it is being estimated that in 2020, there will be about 2.05 million global buyers. If you’ve been in the eCommerce industry for some time, you would know how important it is for businesses to constantly evolve and improve their strategies to bring an increase in revenue; all of this while putting to use some of the best eCommerce marketing ideas for their target audience. 

Any eCommerce store involves trial and error. It is imperative to test out newer techniques, strategies, to get an understanding of what is working out and what is a big no-no! Regardless of whether you’ve invested time, money, energy, or all three, you’d expect to see a certain about of results, mostly in the form of revenues. And this is where ROI comes in. 

ROI helps you understand the importance of a growth opportunity with respect to your eCommerce business. It helps you measure what you’ve gained from the cost of an investment you’ve made. 

ROI = (Gains – Cost) / Cost

The ROI or return on investment is one of the most essential metrics to consider for any eCommerce store. Measuring the ROI of your eCommerce store may often turn out to be tricky. If the expected ROI doesn’t match the numbers on your screen, you must be going wrong somewhere. Here are the top 10 eCommerce marketing ideas to improve your ROI in 2020:

1. Pay Per Click / Search Ads 

PPC advertising is an effective way to measure traffic at your eCommerce store. Search Network Ads allow you to select and sculpt your traffic to ensure that you’re meeting target on specific pages, and in return are able to generate sales. 

Google Shopping Ads 

Indeed, these types of ads appear on the top of the search results of the users, who have been researching on a particular need. They are effective in getting better quality lead generation, higher conversion rates, and hence it is best to make use of quality images for easy understanding. 

Display advertising

Anything visual presented to your customers online and offline falls in the category of display advertising. It is one of the prominent marketing ideas because companies believe that picturization of a concept leaves a long-lasting impression on the customers.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads act as a digital reminder to the customers who wish to purchase a particular product and are searching for it again. The purpose is to create brand awareness. Retargeting allows you to focus on the repetition of specific ads for the customers having a certain degree of interest.

2. Content Marketing 

Do not mistake content marketing for blog posts. Content marketing includes everything- images, videos, product descriptions, and interactive content relevant to your website. You can use different types of content to drive traffic and conversions on your website. 

Video Content

Video content is your eCommerce marketing ideas and favorite content on the Internet. According to research, 87% of businesses use it, and 83% of marketers say they will get a good return on investment, and 88% say they will invest more than this year. As an eCommerce merchant, it is a good idea to introduce video content on the website to get traction. 

Blog Posts

Relevance is compelling and always garners attention. The most significant advantage of a website’s blog is not to use it as only a medium to get new customers and retain existing ones but to also inform and educate with quality content that is relevant to the domain. 

Interactive Content

Interactive content allows eCommerce sites to manage relationships with content, brands, and products purchased as desired by marketers. Purchases in the store are often intrinsically interactive, and it is advisable to use surveys, graphs, animations to your best benefit! 

3. Delivery and Unboxing Experience

The idea here is to create an impression of trust, credibility and convenience on your customers when they receive a product from you in order to convince them to become retainers and keep purchasing from you. 

A couple of factors act as catalysts in this regard:

Shipping Box Design

Packaging your product is extremely important because it will carry the product safely. Making it creative and attractive will lend an amount of positive unboxing experience.

Coupon Codes Inside the Box

Customers often expect something extra from your website that would add to their shopping experience. So, sending discount coupon codes on the next purchase will lure them into buying another product from your website. 

Unboxing Experience

A memorable, unboxing experience is essential for the customers. Using eco-friendly material and innovative ideas of presenting packed products can be your useful eCommerce marketing ideas

4. Email Marketing

In 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received each day; this alone might give you an idea about the power of emails. For eCommerce sellers, email marketing is a great strategy. You can reach your customers via email all-round the year, any time of the day. It is imperative, however, that you have a robust email marketing strategy, and have an email content structure that is easy to understand, conversational and attractive. 

New Customer Email Flows

Every email id is essential for the company because of its communicative power with the target audience. So, mailing new customers is equally significant as the older ones.

Browsing Follow-up Flows

Following-up on emails is as essential as sending new ones since it maintains the communication thread with customers. The purpose is to build-up business relations for generating future transactions. 

Abandoned Cart Emails

Taking note of abandoned cart emails can be extremely helpful in sending information regarding discounts or the introduction of new products. It also helps you form a valuable database of customers. 

Targeted Offers

These are intended to target audiences who are looking for a certain product. An email regarding discounts on that particular product can surely be one of the best eCommerce marketing ideas to get customers to your website.

5. On-Site Marketing

Well, marketing on the website is highly essential because ads are easier and quicker in getting people’s attention as compared to customers browsing the entire page. Also, on-site marketing helps you target specific customers with specific products. 


Filling forms can be monotonous, but imagine the number of options it opens for you. Forms can help you in assembling a massive database of customers who can be contacted for your email marketing strategy as well. 

Design Factors

A simplified structure is a key to generating the interest of customers in filling forms. Of course, you can add questions related to generic needs and possible interests to help them more. 

Email Sign-ups

Making email signups mandatory is useful. It is through these email ids, that companies maintain communication with the customers. 

Product Pages

Directing links to specified product pages on a website or portal will help customers in finding details. Of course, the design has to be creative enough to grab attention. Here are a couple of product page intricacies that need to be considered. 


The use of simple language and a creative presentation is necessary because more than often, a product copy speaks for the entire website content. 

Product Images

Clarity is the main concern in presenting images related to the product. Good product images help customers know what to expect when they receive a product. 

Product Videos

Like product images, product videos are also useful to customers in having a clear understanding of the product. Certainly, the product’s appearance from different angles can be of great help in making buying decisions; 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI.

6. Selling Through Social Media

As known, social media is gaining prominence because of its interactivity factor. Being one of the essential eCommerce marketing ideas, it offers a more extensive business network. 

Here is how you can put social media to use:


Setting up an Instagram shopping page on your website complete with high-resolution pictures and catchy headlines can do the magic for sure. It will empower prospective customers to show interest in a particular product. 


Over the years, the relevance and usefulness of Facebook as a social media channel has evolved. Facebook is ideal for introducing products on a global platform and allows you to create a business page and promote stuff at reasonable rates.


A portal where videos form an integral part of business marketing, YouTube allows companies to get maximum and faster views on their product videos. Undoubtedly, it gets immediate attention from the viewers. 

7. Market Your Business Beyond Geographic Boundaries

When it comes to establishing a brand name in the business, confining it to a specific diameter is not right. Marketing beyond boundaries will fetch better business than anything else. This may involve accessing global marketing platforms, formulating online ad campaigns, linking products to website pages, and even promoting product links on business directories.

Such procedures are directed towards reducing business gaps and generating an immense amount of profit. This is how to go about it: 

8. Highlight Reviews

Asking for reviews on the product from customers is a perfect way to connect with the audience. And using them as active eCommerce marketing ideas will generate credibility for the product. Generally, people read reviews of a product before buying it. So, it is crucial that productive and positive reviews of the merchandise shall be used in building the trust factor for sure. 

9. Optimize for Voice Search

As technology is advancing, more people are opting for voice search. This includes a range of customers who cannot or prefer not to type the product keywords on Google. So, optimizing your product pages for voice search will help customers in accessing it quickly. Of course, no stone should be left unturned in marketing products or services of a business organization. 

10. UGC and Influence Marketing

User-Generated Content (UGC) is willingly generated by users having the potential for creating engaging content. It should be noted that the use of UGC for marketing has grown significantly in recent years because of the rise in social and messaging platforms. Today, everyone is capable of creating content through words or videos. You can connect with third-party agencies and make sure that company product ads are linked with their content. 


eCommerce business is making its way to impress the market audience’s use of words and videos. The world of eCommerce allows customers to electronically interchange goods and services without any barriers of time or distance.

You cannot ignore how the eCommerce business has multiplied over the past five years. The near future will witness blurring of the boundaries between “conventional” and “electronic” commerce.

Everything is getting available on the internet, having an eCommerce business at this time is a win-win. Not only does it open a door of profits for you but it also exposes you to a number of options about how you can push your limits when it comes to your website. 

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