7 B2B Ecommerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

Owing to the advancements in technology and efficient internet, the market is expanding for businesses — especially for ecommerce. It is even predicted that soon enough, the revenue generated through B2C (Business – to – customer) will be left behind by the overriding revenue generated by B2B (Business – to – Business) transactions.

Now. Let’s begin with what exactly are B2B firms. B2B businesses are the ones where your business provide a product or a service to another business — instead of regular customers. And when it is combined with ecommerce, it simply extends its meaning to selling your product or service with the help of online systems on internet.

We all know how the internet has transformed the businesses along with a plethora of other things. B2B ecommerce also facilitates businesses by operating their affairs online.

This article will focus on how you can expand your business and help it grow.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever since there has been a boom in internet and ecommerce, the term, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been tossed here and there. Basically, it means that when potential customers search for an option to buy from the internet, your website or brand should come up in one of the top search results so you make a sale and get your customer’s attention.

If your name does not appear in the top results, your company may be losing customers, which cannot be good. So, it is advisable to invest in Search Engine Optimization to let customers know about your existence as an ecommerce site.

Be Creative and Smart

Think of your website as an actual store. You try your best to provide convenience and information in ways to grab customer’s attention and they actually learn about your product as well. You must be creative and informative simultaneously and the result should appear effortless as you do not want to overdo things and put off your customers.

For example, Offer Factor is an online boutique and the website is designed well with bright colors which perfectly fits for clothes. Whenever there is a sale, they mention it on the home page.

The functioning tools that your business provides to other businesses can be displayed in multiple forms such as, photos, videos, reviews. You can show how they work in short, interesting videos to make sure your customers know the functionality of what you offer as well. Setting up an informative and interestingly alluring website is the main goal here.

Locating Buying Patterns

Not just B2B ecommerce, but also in any business, you need to know what your customer is buying, browsing and when they make a purchase. This information is vital as you can focus your activities in a more refined and periodic way.

There must be some seasonal factors involved in the purchasing patterns which can first be observed and then explained, so the customer psyche can be understood. Afterwards, target your marketing more during the purchase and secure more sales than you would have without this approach. Time-oriented and focused marketing campaigns can be done through this way, resulting in more favorable outcomes.

Contact Options for Customers

No matter how much ecommerce flourishes, you will always have a large amount of customers who will be distrustful of your business or product. To gain their trust, you should make a separate contact tab on your website so they know your credibility and they can converse with you in case of any issues.

In B2B, the orders are often placed in bulks and they would feel more comfortable ordering the materials on phone or at least confirming the order on phone. This sets up more trust and credibility as it sends out a positive impression about your availability for your customers.

Prove What You Claim

What makes your claims and descriptions more credible to the customer? Customer reviews –People are more likely to buy your product if they hear the testimony from someone else. You should add customer reviews and recommendations with your products for your audience to see that your product has actually been used and liked by the other customers.

For example, ChowNow’s testimonial page consists of video testimonials given by customers.

To keep things interesting, reviews can take forms of pictures or short video clips. Also, you must encourage reviews from them to have enough feedback.

Shipping Options

Shipping details matter very much when the customer orders online. Here, you are involved with B2B customers which most probably result in bulk orders. One of the major concerns of your customer is shipping. Giving the right and trustworthy shipping options helps you achieve new and retain old customers as they want their orders to reach them safely.

Sometimes, the orders will be dispatched through freight shipping and you should be able to manage that smoothly as well.

Value Your Customers

Whether you are executing your business through ecommerce or not, you always need to remember that customer is your king. There are multiple options for your customer to shop from and you cannot afford to lose them to your competitors.

Better customer service has a great potential to attract and retain customers. More importantly, you must keep in touch with your regular customers. No matter how regular your customers are, your regard for them should not be reduced. You need to make sure that their order was received on time and in the right condition.

There is a cut-throat competition in B2B ecommerce in this era. If you aim to move ahead and surpass your rivals, you need to distinguish yourselves from the rest of the companies and brands. The aforementioned strategies to enhance your ecommerce with other businesses provide you with a guide to check yourself. These will help you in establishing a successful ecommerce, Business -to – Business.

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