Some Old School Marketing Techniques Which Are Still Applicable

Why is marketing important?

The term marketing is often misinterpreted with selling; in fact, it is not just a part of business operations – it is business itself. Thus, it is the base of any business, and all the other aspects relay on marketing and its effects on business.

Marketing envelopes numerous activities which are linked with selling products and services provided by any company. One of the noticeable marketing tools is the advertising of the product, which is other than market analysis. Branded content campaigns are also an essential aspect of successful marketing approach. Various marketing activities help in developing the products of the company as per customers’ demand and requirements.

Old school marketing techniques which are still applicable

The technological advancements in this 21st century have entirely changed the world. It is called the digital age with a remarkable increase in innovative and smart ways of building products and providing innovative services. Similarly, there are various new approaches to marketing, like social media, content writing, copywriting, and others. Still, there are some ways which are old fashioned but are as powerful as they were before.

List of such influential techniques is briefly discussed below: 

1. One on one marketing

A few years back, one on one marketing (also be termed as face to face or door to door marketing) was the most adopted approach of marketing. Salespersons go out and market their product in person to homes, shops, and companies. “One on one approach of marketing is still very effective and bring a huge chunk of sales to businesses,” says John Isner, Marketing Manager at Premium Jackets.

This tool lifted other modes of marketing like radio, newspaper, TV, and social media advertising, but still, the benefits of a one-on-one approach have its importance in the field of marketing.  

2. Flyers/Handouts

Flyer or handouts is one of the traditional ways of marketing a product if the company is operating locally. Distributing the flyers around the area is a useful tool to bring attention to the product or service. It is hard to deny a salesperson with a smiling face and friendly gesture giving you a flyer of his company.

It provides an excellent opportunity for a business to introduce and market their products to people by allowing them to interact with people to connect. It can be highly useful for new companies or even older companies which are launching a new service.

3. Promotional items

Promotional items have become the need of businesses in benefiting from connecting to the prospects. It is a cost-effective aspect which has enormous influence to get the attention of customers. Economical and attractive items can be handy as promotional items by embossing or printing the company’s logo.

A name or logo which is seen more often sticks to a person’s mind. This physiological aspect also works well in marketing by using such promotional items. Take an example of an IT company, it provides a USB drive to its clients with its brand logo, whenever the client uses that USB, it will remind him of the IT company.

4. Coupons

Coupons can play an essential role in attracting and retaining customers. They can be presented to the seller/retailer to get various types of discounts, promotions, or other financial gains. Redemption of these coupons can be done by customers at specific stores of the company to avail the concessions and allowance when buying next time.

This old school marketing tool enhances the brand image of the company without expending a huge budget. It helps as a mode in bringing popularity to the product as customers quickly get interested in such coupons.

5. Product Demonstrations

A product demonstration can be one of the best sales and marketing technique of all times. It helps to fascinate customers about the product and urges them to buy it instantly. This technique also allows the clients to share their concerns regarding specific aspect related to the product, thus helping them to make on-time decision of buying product.

This tool stimulates clients and customers by enhancing the features related to the marketing approach of product and services offered by any business. The customers get a complete demonstration and hands-on to experience the fundamental points of their interest.

6. Email Marketing

This old school marketing technique involves the method of sending offers or promotions to potential clients through emails. This approach usually comprises of flyers, handouts, promotional letters; sales offer sent via email to excite the client in the buying process. This approach is highly economical as it does not require any investment or expenditure. 

Email marketing can improve customer loyalty, as it is profoundly targeted according to the category of customers. Businesses can get mailing lists of prospects using the services of mailing list traders and email them the content of products.

7. Content first approach

Content plays a vital role in the marketing of any product on the internet. It is the reason the audience visits the website and provides their contact details for marketing messages. Content is a way of telling stories and creates a strong relationship between businesses and customers.

The phenomena to consider content as a primary aspect to approach the customer is termed as “content first approach.” It helps customers in taking steps and utilizing the services required by them in a more practical perspective. Hub Spot, Crowd Writer and King Essay are among such tools for content first approach of marketing.

John William
Content Writer at Australian Master
John William is currently working as a Content Writer at Australian Master. He holds a Master’s degree in Sales and marketing, in addition to a certification in Salesforces Administration. He also writes a weekly blog at a renowned business website. In his leisure time, he likes swimming and watching historical documentaries.

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