How to Boost Conversion Rate On Your Website

How to Boost Conversion Rate On Your Website

Each visitor that clicks on any of your business eCommerce platform has a reason for coming to your page. It is essential to understand these reasons because increasing the conversion rate on your website starts with your ability to understand the visitors on your site and speaking to their specific needs.

In this article, I have outlined strategies that will help your business convert website traffic into sales.

Remove Unnecessary Form Fields

First, you need to take a good look at your website and declutter. A great place to start is the form fields. Personally, sometimes I go on some sites to make an inquiry or a purchase, and I’m just discouraged by the number of required fields I need to fill in a form.

I bet there are others out there that feel the same way about filling lengthy online forms. It is undoubtedly the quickest way to kill your conversion rate. Thus what you need to do is to take a critical look at the form and take out all unnecessary fields. Leave the required fields that can provide your sales team with all the lead info they’ll need to follow up. The easier it is to fill the form, the higher the chances are that your visitors will complete the process.

Alternatively, instead of asking your website visitors to fill out the entire form, start by requesting their email address. From there, you can ease them into filling out the rest of the form. And even if they do not fill it, you now have their email and can reach out to them.

Website Must be Visually Appealing 

A study carried out by the Social Media Examiner states that 32% of marketers agree that visual images are the most crucial aspect of a business’s content. While texts might be necessary too, your page shouldn’t be filled with text-heavy blog posts, web, or landing pages. Try breaking up the text with pictures, industry charts, infographics, or videos that can help engage the audience from start to finish of the post.

Even if your budget does not cover customized image designs or hiring a designer, do not worry. There are free custom image tools out there like Canva with easy to use design templates.

Additionally, including a video on your site’s landing page is a great idea. It leads to an increase in conversions by as much as 80%.  The resultant effect of this is that it increases the length of time consumers stay on your website, allowing them to engage with your product much longer.

Include Testimonials and Reviews for Credibility

Most potential customers have a higher tendency to buy from you when they see honest and credible reviews or testimonials from past customers. According to a consumer review survey, 91% of online consumers between the ages of 18 to 34 years relay on reviews as they would a personal recommendation. While on the other hand, 94% of consumers say they avoid a business when they see negative online reviews.

The key takeaway here is to ensure that your reviews are genuine. You can make use of credible customer review websites such as Amazon customer reviewsYelpTripAdvisorGoogle Reviews, etc. When you contact your customers via an email, you can also send them a friendly request to drop a review or rating on your site.

But if, for instance, your website is new and you don’t have customers yet, how do you gather the testimonials to make your first few sales? First, you can turn to influencers to review and then market your products to their followers. But, in the event you can’t afford an influencer, you can ask friends, family, or new potential customers to buy your products at a discounted rate in exchange for a review. A great product review is bound to increase your conversion rate drastically.

Focus on Your Call to Action Button

A call to action button (CTA) indicates to the visitors on your website the next step you would want them to take. Whether it’s to click a button to add to cart, read a blog post, subscribe, sign up, or fill out a form. Please note that making use of generic CTAs such as “Sign up,” “Click to download or “Start trial” will not do much for your conversion rates. So you must make use of CTAs that make the user want to take the next step and give you better conversion rates.

You can experiment with different CTAs and positions on your website. Start with an A/B testing calculator or  Crazy Egg heat maps to see what works. These tools provide you with a ton of useful data like which of your CTAs gets the most clicks and the ones your users avoid.

Transparency on Products and Services

Today’s consumers are very involved when it comes to the product they hope to invest in. So you must be transparent and straightforward about your products and services.

When speaking about your product or service, avoid using absolute and generic words such as “The best, the only, Perfect, Impossible,” etc. This is because there are mostly likely a thousand and one other brands using the same words. Such generic words describing your product or service fail to make you stand out from others in the mind of the consumer. 

However, if your brand has won an award then it validates the use of absolute words to your audience, e.g., “The best selling waist trainers for 2019”. You can also make use of a trust badge at strategic spots on your website that can help increase conversions, e.g., around your CTA button, etc.  

Additionally, you can state the benefits of your product. So rather than only telling your consumers what the product is, also inform them how it can be of benefit to them. And try not to make your products and services sound too complicated, so your brand transparency shines through. You can create a simple product description with the help of online writing review services such as Best Writers Online.


Potential buyers often do a cost-benefit calculation when engaging with our website. They are thinking, will the rewards outweigh the effort? Thus your page needs to have all the right content and designs to help optimize conversion rates on your website. This article has given you some great simple tips to start with, so what are you waiting for?

Aaron S. Swain
Freelance Writer at Best Writers Online
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