How to Outsource SaaS Marketing Effectively

SaaS (Software-as-a-service) is a system by which companies allow the usage and serviceability of apps, that are only operable on the servers of the business providing the utility. It’s much like leasing or renting to a certain extent; however, the company doing the leasing/renting have no actual “tangible” possession of the product.  

Even so, as the concept of SaaS progresses, companies are finding themselves skeptical about how to market the SaaS services they offer. It’s easy to see why. Only recently has selling software become standard. In addition, many buyers have gotten over their initial distrust regarding security and control, and have accepted the more advanced methods of purchasing software. 

Authority sites like BetterCloud forecast the future of SaaS software as “the de facto delivery apparatus for core business applications.” In addition, the site indicates that “SaaS is a double-edge sword. And that even though it provides tremendous benefits, it leads to onerous challenges by testing IT administrators ability to take on the new extremes that lie ahead.” Overall, outsourcing SaaS marketing successfully takes scores of innovative concepts in order to gain customers, keep them, and outsmart the competition. 

What Makes SaaS Companies Unique  

Unlike the brick-and-mortar variety, the core lineaments that make SaaS companies unique is that most are usually virtual companies that apply electronic means to transact business. 

Additionally, making a website the hub of a business means that SaaS corporations must ensure a high conversion rate by either persuading visitors to enroll for a free trial offer, sway them to enter into a paid subscription package, or by utilizing their website as a gateway for subscribers to find support and additional knowledge about the product, along with access to accounts.  

As stated in the article “The Ultimate List of SaaS Statistics and Trends” SaaS growth statistics are booming!

  • Roughly 78 million SaaS jobs were expected to accrue globally in 2015. In 2018, the     expected figure reached 206 million, and by 2021, the number is projected outward to the tune of 380 million. 
  • SaaS companies are now active in more than 100 countries as reported by Crunchbase.   
  • The average amount of SaaS apps used by businesses between 2015 and 2017 doubled. 
  • Companies investing in SaaS applications have increased yearly according to the site Blissfully.  

How to Outsource SaaS Marketing Effectively

Recent research reveals that as of 2019, nearly 60% of cloud job hires will be due to SaaS activity. Therefore, SaaS companies have come to the conclusion that it is more practical to concentrate on essential skillsets and outsource everything else. Nevertheless, in order to gain the most out of outsourcing, marketing that incorporates a winning strategy to its fullest potential is key.  

Listed are 5 ways to outsource SaaS marketing effectively:

  • Corroborate with marketing experts to develop a winning outsource marketing strategy. Due to innovative technology, finding an expert to carry out an affirmative plan is within reach. Ideally, the company or individual should have reputable SaaS marketing credentials.
  • Select an outsourcing agency, that will inform your existing and prospective customers on how your company’s software benefits them and rectifies issues. They should develop various forms of communication like podcasts, blogs, infographs, and especially SEO. Your chosen outsourced marketing division should be adept at using keywords for search engine optimization. These communication tools, and others, will help customers increase their perception of the capabilities and the practicalities of your company’s software.
  • SaaS has a distinctive set of rules when it comes to marketing. Customers gather information and primarily buy online, which means that an above-average marketing scheme is invaluable. Enticements like free trials, to demonstrate how the product works and its benefits, should be used. Make certain that the outsourcing agency you select, is aware of these essentials.
  • Strategies focused solely on growth (known as growth-hacking), onboarding (organizational socialization), churn rates, and computations centered around ROI (return on investment) are all part of the intricate climate that SaaS marketers must face. Outsourcing SaaS marketing requires a company qualified to enlist all of the above strategies.
  • The firm or individual selected to outsource your SaaS marketing, should have all the essential technological services required to manage a competent campaign. Actually, many mechanisms and apps utilized to market SaaS in fact, are SaaS tools! Because there are no specific, tangible provisions needed for the task, the agency or person you hire should be qualified in the metrics of SaaS marketing.

After you’ve tackled your outsourcing needs, make sure communication is straightforward and that your company’s expectations are clearly outlined. Establish proper channels of communication to surmount obstructions between staff and the outsourced help. 

Vaishali Badgujar
Content Marketer at Time Doctor
Vaishali Badgujar is a content marketer at Time Doctor, a SaaS time tracking & productivity tool for companies & freelancers. She is a content marketing expert & specializes in link building.

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