Wow! Custom Branding is Here 🔥

Are you running ProveSource on behalf of a client? or just want your visitors to see your own brand name on the ProveSource notifications?

  1. Go to the “Settings” section and click the “Branding” tab.
  2. Enable the “Set custom ‘powered by’ branding” option.
  3. Set your own Powered By text and link (it’s mandatory!)
  4. Set your own brand color (optional).
  5. Save your changes.

More info can be found on our Support Center

If you don’t want to show anything, just leave the “Set custom ‘powered by’ branding” option OFF.

Give this a try and share your feedback.


Josh Walker
VP Marketing at ProveSource
As ProveSource's VP of Marketing, I'm leading all aspects of the company's global marketing initiatives, from strategy through execution. Utilizing all inbound and outbound B2B marketing channels, My team is successfully supporting ProveSource's rapid growth and establishing its position as a market leader in its space, globally.

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