ProveSource’s 2019 Year in Review

Time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in 2019 and set our sights on our 2020 goals.

It’s been a year of steady growth and progress at ProveSource. We’ve put a lot of work to ensure that every day, our clients experience just how committed the ProveSource team is to delivering amazing features, product, support and brand experience.

We welcomed several new customers from some of the most well-known brands and are proud to help enable them to consistently deliver social proof at scale; and to grow their businesses to even higher heights.

Here are those juicy stats…

Thank you for another wonderful year of collaboration and growth.

Onward and Upward!

Josh Walker
VP Marketing at ProveSource
As ProveSource's VP of Marketing, I'm leading all aspects of the company's global marketing initiatives, from strategy through execution. Utilizing all inbound and outbound B2B marketing channels, My team is successfully supporting ProveSource's rapid growth and establishing its position as a market leader in its space, globally.

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