Case Study: LeadFuze Sees 14% Conversion Rate Uplift with ProveSource Within 30 Days

If you own any business on the web, you surely know the importance of prospecting – the process of researching and qualifying prospects to reach out to. Instead of settling for only the prospects you have, you create lists of potential buyers based on your criteria.

LeadFuze is one of the leaders of the automated prospecting market, with a search engine for leads that provides reliable list-building automation for over 20,000 users around the world.

Justin McGill founded LeadFuze in 2014. Along with his team, they set on a mission to create an easy-to-use, accurate tool that sources, aggregates, and verifies leads in real-time, allowing you to build a list (on autopilot!) with emails, mobile numbers, social profiles, and more.


When asked what were some of the challenges standing before LeadFuze, there was one thing Justin expressed to be of utmost importance: Conversions.

Ultimately, everything you do in online marketing is designed to convert visitors into leads. A high conversion rate means you are successfully presenting what you’re offering – and people want it! Conversation rates don’t just include sales, but signing up for contact forms, downloading guides, and various other ways of showing interest in your product/service.

“We are constantly focusing on conversion. I want to really dive into the numbers and do this manually vs in any automated way. So I am always brainstorming ways we can work on improving our conversion numbers.”

Justin McGill
CEO & Founder, LeadFuze
With that in mind, Justin was on the lookout for anything that could increase LeadFuze’s conversion rates.


When Justin saw ProveSource on another website, he realized that a social proof tool may just be the solution he was looking for.

“I found it being used on another website. Some competitors have raised their prices massively and ProveSource seemed well priced with a solid feature set.”

Justin McGill
CEO & Founder, LeadFuze

ProveSource harnesses social proof by helping businesses turn website traffic, sales, and data into relatable insights their customers can see. ProveSource gives online businesses that busy-store feeling to entice other visitors to come and see what all the fuss is about.

ProveSource seemed like a fitting solution, but Justin knew he wanted something that did not only bring measurable results but was also easy-to-use. It took several minutes to get up and running, just what Justin was looking for.

“I really appreciated how simple it was to get up and running. I didn’t even need to dig into any knowledge base articles or watch videos. Things were very self-explanatory and the learning curve was super minimal!”

Justin McGill
CEO & Founder, LeadFuze

As a visitor to LeadFuze’s website, you can easily notice the ProveSource notifications popping up on the left bottom corner of the screen, presenting customers’ reviews, trial signups, subscription purchases, and more!


“New site visitors conversion to trial increased by over 14.2% a month after adding ProveSource.”

Justin McGill
CEO & Founder, LeadFuze

At the end of the first month following the installation of ProveSource on LeadFuze’s website, more than 38,000 social proof notifications were viewed by unique visitors to the site.

Consequently, there was an uplift of just over 14.2% in the conversion of new visitors to start a trial. Justin even notes no other experiments were run that month – so the increase was pretty much solely thanks to ProveSource.

Perhaps even better, ProveSource has proved to be a way to passively increase conversion rates. Maintenance is next to none, and Justin notes he would only check on his social-proof notifications every couple of weeks. As fresh data is collected automatically and is shown in real-time, the notifications basically manage themselves.

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Yosi Dahan
Co-founder & CEO at ProveSource
Thinking about new ways to help our customers grow their business, build trust with their website visitors and improve their conversions rates using social proof and psychological tactics.

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