SaaS Marketing in 2020: Boost Your Business With These 8 Tips

It is very important to come up with effective software for your SaaS business. For any SaaS enterprise, the actual challenge is to transform the visitors into loyal and happy customers as there is a possibility that people may not be interested in the product that you are selling. According to a recent study, for the SaaS sector, there is around 7 percent mean conversion rate, and in case your website manages to convert at 7 percent or more.

Your business can witness considerable profit. It has been indicated that usually, the retailers or marketers aim for a conversion rate somewhere around five to ten percent. On the other hand, if your website is converting at a slower rate, you must improve it. Otherwise, your sales would be impacted. A proper marketing strategy helps improve your sales. The following are some points you should keep in mind to boost your SaaS conversion and achieving the desired goals. 

1) Offer a free trial

The word ‘free’ is quite persuasive and convincing on its own. It has the potential to attract people and make them try out things that they have never thought about before. Therefore, offering free trials or a subscription to the visitors will encourage them to at least try out your software. Some visitors will go on to check out your software even if they don’t require it. 

2) Never ask for a credit card during the signup stage

This is one of the most common doubts that arise about the SaaS conversion rates. You must always remember a few things regarding the credit cards and SaaS trials such as:

  • If you ask for a credit card at signup, the chances are that you will get lesser free trial users. However, those users will be better-quality leads. 
  • On the other hand, if you don’t ask for a credit card at signup, you will get more free trial users, but the quality of your lead, as well as conversion rates, be negatively impacted. 

You can simply opt for experimenting with your target audiences and see the results. There are a variety of ways to boost your SaaS conversion rates. Reaching out to more people and bringing them to the door is going to provide you with greater opportunities for conversion. 

3) Grab the attention of your audience by posting instructive and informational content

According to a study conducted by Totango, around seventy percent of the people who opt for SaaS free trial doesn’t use the trial at all. This can emerge as a serious concern for your business. The prime reason for people losing their interest in signing up for a free trial is a lack of informative and effective content that is capable of promoting the value of the trial. 

All you need to do is invest your money, energy, and time in generating high-quality, informative content. Come up with articles, vlogs, videos, blogs, case studies, or downloadable guides that can effectively address the problems of your audience and informs them about the qualities of your product. 

4) Do not make the trial period too long

The duration of the trial is equally important as the free trial itself. A few points must be kept in mind while deciding about the duration of the free trial such as:

  • If the duration of the free trial is too long, the sales cycle for your product may be at risk. 
  • If the duration of the sale cycle is too short, your target audience will not get sufficient time to experience the power of your product. 

The majority of the SaaS provides a free trial to visitors for a period of fourteen days to thirty days.

5) Inform your target audience about the benefits and advantages of your product

Nowadays, our world is rapidly progressing in terms of state-of-the-art technology and high-tech buying environment. People are well aware of what they want, its functions, and how much will it cost. You need to focus on telling them about the benefits of your product so that they can easily make up their mind. 

  • Tell them about the excellent service time of your product
  • Let them know about your proficient and customer-friendly services
  • Tell them about the USP (Unique selling point) of your product and how it is different from the other products available in the market. 
  • Tell them about your reliable and credible security.  

6) Social proofs can help to gain the trust of your target audience to a great extent

Once you have informed the visitors about the benefits and unique features of your product, share with them the real-life experiences of your satisfied customers. This strategy will help you in providing your target audience with evidence of your service being credible and trustworthy. When such proofs are available on a digital platform, they are known as ‘Social Proofs.’ Some of the most common types of social proofs include:

  • Reviews- Reviews can effectively help in increasing the popularity of your product. Around 66 percent of people believe in the reviews they read online. 
  • Testimonials- Testimonials are known to greatly influence the visitors and convince them to buy the product. 
  • Ratings- Ratings is another very important social proof that helps the people to choose the best option from a wide range of products available online. 

7) Make use of various customized landing pages

According to HubSpot, with a rapid increase in the number of landing pages, the conversion rate also increases. If you change the number of landing pages from 1-5 to 6-10, you may witness an incredible rise in the conversion rate by up to 55 percent. The significant advantages of using various customized landing pages include:

  • It effectively communicates with the target audience.
  • It boosts the conversion rate by up to 50 percent. 
  • Multiple landing pages can be designed based on various parameters such as IP address, geographical location, type of device, demographics, and much more. 

8) The checkout procedure should be made easy and convenient

Your checkout procedure can prove to be an obstacle that might stop the visitors from trying out your software. The majority of the online retail platforms use a five-step procedure for checkout, which may result in a decline in the conversion rate of your software. The following are a few methods that will help you to make your checkout procedure easy and convenient:

  • The checkout process can be made simple and easy by eliminating a few fields from the payment form.
  • Avoid redirecting the visitors to the payment processing page and ensure to keep them on-site.
  • Provide various payment options to the visitors as it can help you in enhancing the conversion rate for your software. 
  • Keep track of users who did not proceed to the payment gateway page, ask them about the problem, and fix the issue immediately. 
  • Make sure that you don’t force the visitors to create an account or register before making the payment as it can minimize the rate of conversion by up to 25.6 percent. Allow the visitors to purchase first and then ask for their details to create an account. 

Enhancing the conversion rate of your software may seem to be a complicated and difficult task, but by appropriately following the above-mentioned tips, you can effectively boost your SaaS conversion rate and business KPIs.

Aditya S
Growth Assistant at AirTract
Aditya works as a Growth Assistant at AirTract, a go-to place for all expert advice wherein people ask questions, write articles, share and learn from online courses. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering and has been working in the field of Digital Marketing for the past two years. He is also a voracious reader and a big sports fan.

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