3 Proven Tips to Increase Sales Revenue with your Shopify Store This Q4 2019

So it’s the last quarter of the year, and nothing seems to be ticking up for you in terms of sales. With the right marketing strategies, you can quickly turn around the trend and increase your sales revenue from your Shopify store.

Any online business is primarily driven by converting new visitors into buyers. Everything starts with reducing the rate of shopping cart abandonment and getting your customers to complete a purchase. However, most ecommerce stores struggle with the checkout process despite having a stream of new visitors each day. If you own a Shopify store and are having trouble getting new customers and increasing your sales revenue, implementing these three tips will have you rocking for more sales by the end of the year.

Tip #1- Upsell with Carthook

A Carthook upsell funnel allows you to boost your order value and get more sales than initially anticipated. Mastering how to upsell with Carthook should be a priority for any Shopify store owner. This technique allows you to raise more profit without irritating your customers or coercing them. More specifically, you learn how to build a checkout funnel for any product on your Shopify store and drive more sales from your Checkout page and Thank you page. The primary motive isn’t just profits, but to offer excellent customer service, which in turn leads to more sales value.

Tip #2- Tap into SMS marketing

SMS marketing is perhaps one of the little-known tips that you can use for increased conversions. As an ecommerce merchant, utilizing every marketing tool available is one way to guarantee a high ROI. With SMS marketing, you can reach your customers and subscribers wherever they are by sending different kinds of promotional messages directly to their phones. 

In other words, SMS marketing is like email marketing but by way of text messaging. Besides, it is one of the most effective marketing methods because 94% of all sent messages are read within 5 minutes with a guaranteed open rate of up to 99%. However, it is essential to take into consideration the different ways in which SMS marketing can be best applied. More importantly, know how to use the unique features of SMS and take advantage of them in your next marketing campaign.

Tip #3 Using Funnels to increase ROAS with Facebook Ads

Funnels will considerably increase your return on ad spend (ROAS) when correctly implemented. Nowadays, social media sites like Facebook are a powerful tool that you can use to expose your brand to thousands of people. Do you plan on getting more conversions from your Facebook ads at a fraction of the cost? Then you might want to tap into the power of funnels.

As a marketer, knowing the stages of a buyer’s journey is critical to ensuring you get more conversions. Apart from using Facebook’s targeting options to reach the right audience, you can make good use of ad funnels to better connect with potential customers. Ad funnels allow you to create tailored campaigns with a personal touch that will convert your leads into sales.

In Conclusion

The right marketing channel will ensure you get more sales from your Shopify store this last quarter and end the year with a smile. However, you must learn how to achieve these goals for your online business, and eCom evolution 2.0 definitely can teach you that.

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Aviv Malka
Ecommerce Expert and Marketer
Aviv Malka is an ecommerce Expert who is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the world. Over the past 2 Years, he has made Shopify sales worth over $6,0000,000. His expertise in this competitive field has made him a highly sought after source by many marketers and newbies who wish to scale their online business. Aviv’s passion extends to his high-value training courses for ecommerce, where he shares his most-valued success secrets.

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