How ProveSource Works

It's super easy to get started with ProveSource, as easy as adding the Facebook Pixel to your website.

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    Create Your Account

    Start by creating your account in 30 seconds.
    You'll need an email and your lovely password.

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    Install Your Snippet

    Copy your unique generated ProveSource snippet and add it to your website. Visit and refresh your website to confirm the installation.

    You can also install our native Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento apps, or install via CloudFlare.

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    Create Notifications

    Follow our simple, easy and beautiful wizard to create your notifications in just 6 short steps.

    Choose your colors, control the timing, set display rules, localization, images and text.

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    Track & Monitor

    We automatically collect impressions, clicks, hovers, leads, engaged visitors, engagement rates and much more.

    Our easy to use analytics provides you with the information you need. You can even connect your Google Analytics!

ProveSource helped us increase our conversion rate by 39% and it was super easy to set it up. If you would like to set up your own Social Proof (and you should) then you surely need to try out ProveSource. Their support is also friendly and helpful.

Tamás R.

Entrepreneur & Marketing Specialist
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