ZSD sees 40% uplift in conversion rate and sales with ProveSource

A house is a big financial responsibility. Buying a house is convenient and generally less expensive than building one. However, a big advantage of building a new house is that you are much more likely to get exactly what you want.

The problem is, custom-made things tend to come with higher price tags and longer waiting times. From finding an architect or builder and choosing every element of the new structure, the process can take years and cost quite a bit.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Zbuduj Sam Dom (in English: build the house yourself) is a small company that provides plans on how to build a small house by yourself.

Wojciech Zatuszek started ZSD because he wanted to show people they can build a small house by themselves, without 20 years of loans. It was a small idea, but now it has become one of the biggest companies in Poland that sell projects of small house plans.


Imagine walking down the street looking for a place to try for lunch. One restaurant has people inside eating. The other one is completely empty. Are you more likely to go to the restaurant with people inside, or the empty one?

Most people will likely head into one that has people in it, and it’s not just a coincidence. It has to do with a little psychological phenomenon called social proof.

While in a physical store, social proof is clearly evident by the number of people you can see inside, when you’re trying to sell something online, it can be difficult to demonstrate that busy store feeling.

Wojciech wanted to find a way to give his website that feeling of liveliness that a physical store can have. He was sure that by making his site more attractive to the visitors, and making them feel that they’re not alone, he could increase his conversion rates, he just didn’t know how.

Then, he discovered ProveSource.


“I started using ProveSource because I saw it on some big websites. I tried ProveSource and found this was a great tool and the best solution for improving my website”.

Wojciech Zatuszek
Founder & Owner, ZSD

After implementing ProveSource, ZSD finally felt alive! Now, when new visitors open the website, they immediately feel like they are not alone. They can see the ProveSource notifications popping up on the left bottom corner of the screen, presenting how many people are online on the website, which house plans have been bought recently and more.

Because consumers are heavily influenced by the actions and recommendations of others, these social proof notifications are extremely valuable for retailers that want to boost their eCommerce conversion rates.

“In my opinion, if you open a website and it’s static, it feels dead and empty. But if it has ProveSource notifications new visitors are more likely to put their trust in that website and make a purchase”.

Wojciech Zatuszek
Founder & Owner, ZSD


40% Uplift in Conversions

Using social proof notifications to increase credibility and give a feeling of liveliness has paid off for ZSD, customers were more inclined to make a purchase seeing how many customers are visiting the website at any given moment: 

“I am very happy with ProveSource. My customers are shocked by the number of customers visiting my website, and as a result, I’ve seen a 40% increase in conversion rates".

Wojciech Zatuszek
Founder & Owner, ZSD

Now, Wojciech is working on expanding his business. He opened a new website in English in order to share his knowledge and make his plans accessible to a larger audience. Once it’s done, he’s looking forward to adding ProveSource to it:

“Same as on ZSD, ProveSource makes for a more attractive page, so I’m 100% sure that the new website will experience the same success”.

Wojciech Zatuszek
Founder & Owner, ZSD

Achievements with ProveSource:

ZSD started from Wojciech’s idea to introduce cheap and energy-saving solutions to the Polish market, to explain step by step how each stage of building a house goes, and prove that building a house is not a complicated process at all.

The problem is a lack of knowledge.
The houses that he designs are created in such a way that someone with little construction knowledge can build them himself. 




Legionowo, Poland


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