Virtalent on increasing customer’s trust and increasing conversions by 10% with ProveSource

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides support to businesses, assisting them remotely or “virtually” with a variety of day-to-day tasks.

Virtalent (virtual + talent) is a Virtual Assistant service in the UK. Its services are aimed at small, but ambitious businesses looking for extra support as they grow. 

Virtalent’s clients mostly consist of small business owners and freelancers. However, they are offering support services for bigger customers as well, like the UK’s largest property company, an F-1 racing team, and more! 

Today, the company has grown to over 100 team members, partly as a result of the pandemic pushing so many businesses to work remotely.

Sam Wilson is the Co-Founder at Virtalent. He, along with his Co-Founder Ellie wanted to differentiate from other VA companies and focused their company on delivering quality over quantity. They work on building meaningful one-to-one relationships with both clients and the VAs. 



Virtalent offers a niche service, which requires the client to invest some of their own time to truly make it work. Therefore clients typically spend quite a bit of time researching the market before making their inquiry.

Clients who research this niche already have an intent to purchase. They don’t need to be convinced to get a VA, but to get a VA from Virtalent as opposed to any of the other companies in the niche. To get them to make that decision – trust is necessary. 

“Given our team of VAs are trusted with critical aspects of both our client’s personal lives and businesses - trust is absolutely key to what we do”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

It can be difficult to convey trust online, especially in a business like Virtalent. Sam explained that clients are not hiring a specific VA, they are hiring the service from Virtalent – who’ll recommend the VA to the client. Therefore the clients need to trust that the company has the ability and experience to make those decisions successfully.

“Given our wide team of 100+ VAs, clients need to feel reassured that Virtalent’s processes and ethos can be trusted in assigning them a suitable VA”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

Displaying Testimonials

Another challenge was a lack of reviews to show to potential prospects. Sam knew they had happy clients – many of them – but seeing as their clients are usually very busy, not many of them actually give them reviews.

“We try to collect testimonials from our customers, however, the fact they are hiring a Virtual Assistant means they are very time-poor. The percentage of customers that leave us a review is therefore very low”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

Seeing as getting clients to review their business would be a hard, time-consuming task, Sam also wanted to make sure he was maximizing the potential of the reviews Virtalent already has.

“We realized we needed to better promote and utilize the existing social proof we already have”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

Moreover, potential clients needed to go to specific pages to look for proof that others were not only using Virtalent’s services but also loving it! Some simply won’t go to these lengths to find whether a website is trustworthy, they need the information displayed right in front of them.

“Until we found ProveSource, we were reliant on case studies on our website and our reviews at, however, these take time to read through”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent


Social Proof

Sam decided social proof was necessary to capitalize on the activity that exists naturally on the site. After searching for the perfect tool to fit Virtalent’s needs, he found ProveSource.

“I spent a long time looking for social proof plugins for WordPress - none had the same winning combination of a great design, a competitive price point, and plenty of useful features”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

He placed different social proof notifications through Virtalent. For example, encouraging visitors on the pricing page to book a consultation call with the team by showing others who have already done so. 

“ProveSource helped us to display key messages on certain webpages which fit the customer’s stage of the buying cycle, uplifting conversions on those key pages”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

Sam also used ProveSource to make sure customers are seeing important messages that are relevant to their conversion journey. He used informational messages in a non-intrusive but still attention-grabbing way that captures the visitors’ eyes.

“We have even used it at the start of the pandemic to make it clear to website visitors that we were still open for business as usual!”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

Integrations with review platforms

Virtalent’s customers are busy and are moving quickly. Being able to display existing reviews from third-party platforms right on their website, guarantees that the prospects will view the reviews without having to spend extra time looking for external sources. Thus, winning over their trust before they leave the website. 


10% increase in conversions

After implementing ProveSource, Sam saw an increase of about 10% in conversion rates! Clients have actually testified that ProveSource helped convince them to gain trust in Virtalent’s services and book a consultation with their team. 

“We have had several customers comment that the notifications helped convince them to book an initial consultation call - seeing visitors near to their own local area using our service helped validate that they were ‘doing the right thing’”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

They also saw a benefit by using ProveSource notifications on their Google Adwords landing pages:

“Review notifications on these pages helped capture that initial interest and reduce our bounce rate, which then improved our Quality Score!”.

Sam Wilson
Co-founder, Virtalent

Achievements with ProveSource:

Virtalent provides Virtual Assistant services to busy entrepreneurs and professionals across the UK. Virtalent’s clients can access VAs who provide a high level of business support from PA and diary management, to Marketing and social media.

All clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager and all work is billed to the exact second it takes to complete.







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