Vidico increased conversions by 39% and decreased bounce rate by 13% with ProveSource

Vidico is a video production agency that produces video campaigns and explainer videos for neat tech companies and emerging e-commerce brands. They’ve worked alongside some of the world’s best, including Citibank, Amazon, Salesforce, Digital Ocean, and Koala.

Vidico believes in making the process of video production as simple as possible and holds themselves to an exceptional standard, making them a reliable source for any business’s video needs. They have the track record to prove it, too. With over 1.2 billion views and 500+ videos produced until now. 

Michael Pirone is the co-founder of Vidico. In addition to being co-founder, he’s the Account Director, which means he leads the business development team in establishing new projects.


Video production is a big investment for companies, both in terms of money and time. Michael expressed that this posed a challenge for Vidico. Being in a rush, visitors weren’t compelled to fill out a form and wait to be contacted back. 

Vidico needed to find a way to showcase not only the quality of their work but their credibility as a company with many happy customers. Only then would visitors be convinced that converting would not be a waste of time and funds.

“If we don't build trust and get them excited about potentially working with us, they will leave”.

Michael Pirone
Co-founder, Vidico

They tried using their 5-star reviews to create a case studies page featuring their best work. However, they ran into the same problem – visitors in a rush were not visiting the page as often as they hoped. 

Michael realized driving traffic to those pages was also a challenge and required more time from both visitors and our marketing team and even the clients. Vidico needed something more scalable to go along with that strategy.

“Before ProveSource our conversion rate was lower than the average standard so we wanted to bring that number up with more qualified leads”.

Michael Pirone
Co-founder, Vidico


Looking for a different way to showcase Vidico’s credibility, Michael has found ProveSource and realized that social proof might just be the solution he was looking for. 

Social proof platforms utilize the already existing activity on one’s website and turn it into a visible testament to the trustworthiness and quality of the business, easily displayed in front of new visitors.  

“ProveSource helped us minimize our problem because it helps us build trust in real-time, right when prospects are browsing our portfolio”.

Michael Pirone
Co-founder, Vidico

ProveSource was the perfect fit for Vidico’s marketing strategy. With basically zero time spent on maintenance, the team was able to concentrate on creating beautiful videos for their customers while simultaneously converting new ones. 

“ProveSource notifications are engaging, fast, and easy to read. It doesn't require an effort from our marketing team. A set-it-and-forget-it tool that assists your funnel 24/7”.

Michael Pirone
Co-founder, Vidico


More conversions, less bounce rate

After implementing ProveSource, Michael saw a high engagement rate of visitors clicking and interacting with the notifications, and filling out their form immediately after. Consequently, they have seen some drastic, positive changes to the conversion and bounce rate. 

“The month after we installed ProveSource our bounce rate decreased by 13% and our conversion rate almost doubled to 39%”.

Michael Pirone
Co-founder, Vidico

Another benefit was the ability to measure and scale the effect of using ProveSource from within the platform itself, using the built-in analytics and goals features. 

“The Analytics and Goals dashboard adds value when it comes to measuring and understanding the results that ProveSource generates. It's one of the reasons why we felt so confident in keeping the tool”.

Michael Pirone
Co-founder, Vidico

Achievements with ProveSource:

A video production agency that produces stunning visual content for global brands and innovative tech startups. Vidico’s core belief is that a brand video should be the voice of your very best pitch, delivered perfectly, and made available every second of the day.





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