VestMap tripled their conversion rates to 55% with ProveSource social proof

VestMap is a real estate investor analytics platform, providing better data for Real Estate investors, allowing them to build a better portfolio faster. 

How do they do this? VestMap aggregates and displays D.I.S.C.E.R.N.™  Method data for insight into a geographic location’s growth trends, rents, schools, crime, and much more. They believe that objective location data is the missing piece for real estate investors to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Most notably, VestMap helps save real estate investors’ time by allowing them to conduct due diligence on an investment property location in 30 seconds or less!

Clay Ripma is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and CEO of VestMap. He is also the co-founder of Authentic Audience, a marketing agency.  Clay’s mission is to empower real estate investors with better data to make better investment decisions.


Clay was looking for a way to land more customers and increase conversions for VestMap. He felt that one of the reasons he wasn’t seeing many visitors converting, was because VestMap hadn’t achieved a high enough level of credibility.

“As a new company, establishing trust can be difficult, especially when you don't have any brand recognition to the audience who is seeing your pages”.

Clay Ripma
CEO, VestMap

Having someone give you a shot as a new business can take quite a while. New visitors aren’t quick to convert – using both their money and time – when they aren’t completely convinced the investment will be worth it. 

That is when Clay realized he needed to incorporate social proof into the website. Make new potential customers feel that they are in a lively, safe place that has already helped many other real estate investors just like them. 


Finally, after trying multiple social proof platforms that ended up disappointing, Clay found ProveSource. 

ProveSource lends VestMap the credibility it needed. Offering a fun, interactive experience on the landing page, new visitors immediately feel engaged. 

“It's such a simple way to turn a landing page that maybe was a bit boring before into something that feels professional and engaging”.

Clay Ripma
CEO, VestMap

The social proof notifications show other real estate investors signing up, and that gives a feeling of action, of being a part of something they shouldn’t miss out on. 

“ProveSource is a great way to add social proof and show that this is a live page with real traffic, that the company is legit, and that others are taking action on our offers”.

Clay Ripma
CEO, VestMap

Moreover, seeing the social proof on the website also gives a feeling of trustworthiness to VestMap. Seeing positive reviews from existing users makes people confident. After all, if a product was good to so many other people, it would be good for them too. 

“Social proof is so important - especially for new brands with less recognition. Being able to showcase conversations, testimonials, social proof, urgency, and scarcity is massively important to boost conversion rates”.

Clay Ripma
CEO, VestMap


Tripled conversion rate to 55%

Clay immediately added ProveSource to a landing page that was not performing as well as he wanted it to. In no time and with minimal effort, the page’s conversion rate tripled!

“I used ProveSource to take my lackluster lander that was converting at 13% and turned it into one of my best performers with an opt-in rate of 55% - the only thing I did was install ProveSource and update a few lines of copy!”.

Clay Ripma
CEO, VestMap

Now, ProveSource keeps running on VestMap’s landing pages, automatically displaying new sign-ups and purchases. This engages new customers without any maintenance from the VestMap team. 

“If you are running paid traffic to landing pages, ProveSource pays for itself in no time. Plus the tech set up is so easy and intuitive. Great product!”.

Clay Ripma
CEO, VestMap

Achievements with ProveSource:

VestMap empowers real estate investors to quickly make data-driven real estate decisions. Our proprietary data method, D.I.S.C.E.R.N.makes evaluating an unfamiliar location easy: know in 60 seconds or less if a property meets your investing criteria.





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