TimberIN Hot tubs and Outdoor Saunas on switching from Beeketing to ProveSource and boosting conversions by 8%

Hot tubs are a pool of water used for relaxation. It is also used for hydrotherapy. The hot tub is designed to be used by more than one person at a time and it provides various health benefits. These include relief from stress, minimization of arthritis pain, reduction of diabetic blood sugar levels, and lowering of blood pressure.

TimberIN – Hot tubs and Outdoor Saunas is the manufacturer and supplier of outdoor wellness products across Europe. The company’s main strength is its product list. With over 100 different products with various forms and designs, ranging from outdoor saunas to hot tubs, it’s without a doubt one of the biggest selections available in the market.  

Dr. Albertas Klovas is the owner of the company. With a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Albert has over 10 years of experience in the building sector both practically and theoretically. That experience provided him the ability to come up with unique and different structural designs and functionalities. He cares a lot about the customer’s experience and is always happy to serve the clients as precisely and as fast as possible. 


The demand for these products was always there and it is gradually increasing. Today more than ever, with the recent pandemic and stay-at-home orders, people realized they want to make their home environment as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. As a result, the industry has seen a massive boost in demand.

It was already known that these outdoor wellness products are red hot on the market, but TimberIN struggled with the question of how to best offer the products to the clients. They had high-quality products, an active website with a good online presence and their reputation was immaculate. But Albertas still felt that new visitors to their online website weren’t quite aware of that.

“Owning a good online presence is one thing, but to show it to our online customers was the task to implement”.

Dr. Albertas Klovas
Owner, TimberIN


Searching for a way to present their visitors with evidence of their brand’s credibility and reputation, Albertas looked for a social proof tool. Social proof is the concept that people will follow the actions of the masses. Thus, if TimberIN would display their customers’ behavior and satisfaction on their website, more will follow.

Firstly, Albertas tried to implement a competitor’s product – Beeketing. However, due to technical difficulties, he decided to look for another product and he found ProveSource.

“Previously we used another similar product called Beeketing, but due to various technical issues we moved to ProveSource which was a perfect solution since the support response time and integration is like a breeze compared to Beeketing”.

Dr. Albertas Klovas
Owner, TimberIN

Implementing ProveSource was a fast, easy, and positive experience. Albertas found there were many different ways he could utilize ProveSource and social proof to the max.

“The main idea was to let people feel that the website is alive with its latest purchases. But we also happily used other options given by ProveSource such as displaying reviews, our social media platforms, and more”.

Dr. Albertas Klovas
Owner, TimberIN


Increase in Sales

After implementing ProveSource, Albertas started displaying multiple notifications on TimberIN – displaying recent sales to show the activity of the website and help drive more sales. Social presentation and reviews to reassure people they are not alone and can buy with confidence.

The results soon followed:

“ProveSource not only integrates the reviews and recent sales blissfully but its simplicity helps immensely. We experienced a sales increase by approx 6-8%”.

Dr. Albertas Klovas
Owner, TimberIN

After using ProveSource for a while, Albertas reports that he’s very happy with the service:

“I would like to recommend ProveSource to all eCommerce websites since in my opinion much success is achieved by showing real proven latest purchases or other activities on the website. The design is great, the response time is very good, the integration is a breeze. Keep up with this good job”.

Dr. Albertas Klovas
Owner, TimberIN

Achievements with ProveSource:

TimberIN is an international company offering outdoor hot tubs and garden saunas in all western Europe. A wide range of production, good price, and quality made TimberIN one of Europe’s leading companies in this particular product category.








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