Simply Schedule Appointments has earned an extra $4,500 in ProveSource led sales

Simply Schedule Appointments is an easy-to-use online scheduling plugin for WordPress websites. With SSA, businesses can embed and display a booking calendar on their website that allows their website visitors/customers/clients to view availability, select a day and time, and schedule an appointment. 

This could be useful for coaches booking 1:1 Zoom sessions with students, digital agencies booking phone consultations with clients, and much, much more. Currently, over 10,000 businesses use SSA, and the plugin has a 5-star review average in the WordPress community.

SSA is a part of N Squared, a company building user-friendly and powerful WordPress plugins. Nathan Tyler is one of the co-founders of the company. They started SSA because they felt there was a need for a powerful scheduling solution that was deeply integrated with WordPress.  

Their customers own all their scheduling data within their WordPress install, which enables sophisticated integrations with the rest of their business.


SSA conversion rates were good, looking at the industry average. However, Nathan told us they weren’t satisfied with that, and constantly sought to accelerate the growth of SSA.

“We haven’t had any significant challenges related to our conversion rate—but we did want to find a way to capitalize on the sales momentum we were achieving, and leveraging a social proof widget seemed like a great way to do that”.

Nathan Tyler
Co-founder, Simply Schedule Appointments

When they first started their marketing efforts, they had a few daily sign-ups. In order to boost that number, Nathan needed to make sure SSA displayed as much trust and authority as possible to potential prospects.


Nathan realized a Social Proof plugin would be best to increase conversions, and started looking for the perfect one. After running into problems with the software of other plugins, and comparing it to other, higher-priced competitors, he finally chose to try ProveSource.

“All things considered, and seeing the insightful LinkedIn activity from ProveSource’s founders, made us choose ProveSource. It was one of the best decisions we’ve made regarding a conversion-boosting tool, and also one of the easiest and quickest to implement.”

Nathan Tyler
Co-founder, Simply Schedule Appointments

Utilizing ProveSource to deliver notifications on the storefront, new customers were able to see site activity in real-time, much like a real store. It was finally possible to capitalize on it to create a sense of FOMO in new visitors. 

“Social proof is a powerful force in customers' buying behavior, we try to feature customers using our software, our 5-star review average, and of course the ProveSource notifications just drive that point home to customers”.

Nathan Tyler
Co-founder, Simply Schedule Appointments

SSA displayed recent purchases from existing customers, and that encouraged new ones to trust in the opinion of others and try the plugin for themselves! On top of that, Nathan was also able to use ProveSource to display social proof on other N squared plugins – all from the same account!


$4,500 in sales

The results didn’t take long to arrive. Soon after implementing ProveSource, SSA noticed an increased amount of conversions and saw a significant rise in ROI.

“ProveSource has added just over $4,500 in sales to Simply Schedule Appointments in our first year using it. That’s a pretty awesome ROI, seeing as ProveSource’s annual starter plan only cost us $216”.

Nathan Tyler
Co-founder, Simply Schedule Appointments

SSA has managed to reach its goal of increasing conversions in an easy, hands-off way. Without worrying about maintenance, they can continue improving and building awesome WordPress plugins, while enjoying the benefits brought by utilizing ProveSource social proof. 

“We’re huge fans of ProveSource—the ease of setup and use, the awesome and timely customer support, and the significant increase in sales it's driven for us”.

Nathan Tyler
Co-founder, Simply Schedule Appointments

Achievements with ProveSource:

Simply Schedule Appointments is an easy-to-use appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress. With SSA, there’ll be no more phone calls or back-and-forth emails trying to find a time that works for both parties. 





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