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Pod Podnikat Academy is a digital marketing agency offering social network advertising, video and content marketing, and e-learning services. Straight forward online sales intention is present from the beginning.

Running client’s paid ads is the core offer. Facebook ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn ads are among the most popular, seconded by a straightforward strategy development and one on one consultancy with clients that tops up the core offer

Matúš Kopalko is the founder of PPA. He is a digital and innovative enthusiast searching for the latest internet trends constantly, a self-taught digital marketer with a demonstrated history of growing sales online through paid Facebook marketing. Working and supporting business clients daily is how he adds value.

He started Pod Podnikat Academy to apply and share his experiences, knowledge, and tricks in digital marketing with other digital leaders at a reasonable cost.



Even if you have constant traffic to your site, making sure that this traffic actually converts is always a challenge. 

PPA is the first website Matus created, and between dealing with the marketing blog, managing the website, and delivering to his clients, he knew he needed to also find a marketing strategy that worked passively and seamlessly. 

He sped up his online marketing journey by teaming up with senior online marketers to help them build sales funnels. Without prior extensive experience, he started learning advanced paid online marketing by simply doing it.

“My website was lacking social proof - saying I am the right guy to get in touch with”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

People are more inclined to trust their trust and money in a service that others already use, and Matus needed to show his visitors exactly that.

Displaying testimonials

Another way to create a sense of credibility for a business is by showing positive reviews from other clients. After all, the only thing better than showing other people use your service is to show they not only use it – but also love it!

PPA has several 5-star testimonials, but all were posted on a third-party review platform. Matus manually embedded each review in appropriate places throughout the website. The process was time-consuming and it was easy to forget to add new reviews while juggling other aspects of the business.

Matus felt that the efforts he was putting into displaying testimonials didn’t tap into the full potential social proof has to offer. 


Social Proof

While working with his colleagues in the marketing field, Matus noticed they were using a platform to display small pop-up style messages to display social proof events that were happening on the website happening, creating a sense of FOMO.

“I soon noticed this little thing down there updating our visitors on cool events that take place on our funnels. For instance, purchases, downloads, subscriptions’ activations, etc… It was so cool yet powerful”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

Following this discovery, he went searching for a social proof platform to use on his own website – and found ProveSource.

“I knew the conversion equation has several variables and ProveSource is one of the ‘missing pieces in it”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

Integrations with review platforms

It was no surprise that the first notification Matus set up for his website was a testimonial one. To leave behind the cumbersome process he was currently using to display reviews. 

“Suddenly, my testimonials were on every page. I set it up to be displayed across the website. Such a good decision!”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

Thanks to the native integrations available with several review platforms, the process of displaying testimonials changed from inefficient to completely hands-off. ProveSource also guaranteed that users will always be able to see his testimonials, no matter where on the website they were.

“Before the testimonials were just on some parts of the website and if visitors didn't go to those specific pages, they would never see them. After using ProveSource, I knew all visitors would see my testimonials after 6 seconds of their visit. What a pre-framing!”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy


More Conversions & Trust

“As my customers are businesses, the messaging and copywriting are crucial, ProveSource helped me solve my social proof.”

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

Matus shared that his main goal was to grow his agency from the current 3-5 clients to 25! One of the results of using ProveSource was that it pre-framed prospects – when you get to talk to your potential customer (a lead) he must be as much pre-framed as possible. 

“This is what ProveSource has helped me with the most. It's a perfect tool to notify visitors of important points early during the visit”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

As they were already ready to convert, thanks to the pre-framing, Matus managed to convert more leads than he did before, and successfully closed more clients.

“Before I was randomly getting 1-2 leads here and there per month, after that I got 7-8 leads per month. I was able to find new clients because my website was a converting machine and still is”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

In the end, Matus managed to close almost 25 clients – and reached his goal of growing his new online marketing agency business.

Tips for ProveSource users:

1. There’s never enough social proof:

“I constantly search for new ways of social proof delivery. ProveSource’s analytics tool is also handy as it’s good at showing notifications that get visitors engaged”.

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

2. Customization and testing are key to make good use of social proof:

“Take some time to think of how to structure and develop ProveSource notifications. I personally play with testimonials and stream notifications. These showed the most engagement on the way to filling in a contact form, according to ProveSource analytics. Test your notification out and see how it makes you feel.”

Matúš Kopalko
Founder, Pod Podnikat Academy

Achievements with ProveSource:

Pod Podnikat Academy sets up, manages, and optimizes digital advertising in a way that benefits the advertiser and makes him money.

Their mission is to help smaller companies find new clients and increase sales over the Internet. Targeted online advertising is now available at reasonable costs to every business.





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