How KLIMCHI increased its conversion rate by 77% using ProveSource

KLIMCHI is a young glassware design brand from the Czech Republic, with an intriguing history behind it. The founder Lukas Klimcak took his family’s years of experience in glassmaking and reimagined it into a modern business. The company’s name KLIMCHI is his own family nickname.

KLIMCHI offers a wide variety of aesthetic yet functional glass tabletop pieces. All of the products are made in the family’s old glass factory building, which was built in 1905 by the same engineers who built the Eiffel tower.

KLIMCHI is a business that places a lot of value on its roots and tradition.

The KLIMCHI team includes a collective of Bohemian glassmakers who love to create exceptional glassware, part of whom are Lukas’ own family members. Despite the difficult manual labor that goes into creating each handmade product, the team is passionate about their craft and that is what brings them together.

“We are proud of what we create in our company. We design and manufacture our own collections and focus on artisanship and its legacy. We do not conform to trends in the industry but rather create something with an added long-term value that we know will bring joy to our customers' lives for a long time”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI


As a small eCommerce business starting out, it is hard to gain that first wave of ongoing purchases. It is one thing to get visitors on your website, and another to convince them to shop.

“At the beginning of our brand development, we started to use ProveSource with almost no traffic and sales on our websites”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI

Lukas explained that he felt that he needed a way to show his visitors that KLIMCHI is a company they can trust and shop at without any concerns or doubts. 

“We faced the challenge of a lack of social trust. We place a lot of value on consumer reviews as they play a crucial part in persuading our customers that our products are of very high quality and our customer service is flawless”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI

After seeing customers come to KLIMCHI directly from his 3rd party reviews app, Lukas realized the effect positive reviews and feedback can have in building trust and credibility for his brand. He felt that there’s a missed opportunity in not leveraging their Trustpilot reviews and bringing them to the front of their website visitors. 

“Lack of information about website usage also did not create any urgency. We did not have any way to showcase a good review from Trustpilot or a recent purchase which would create trust and the FOMO effect”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI


After being on the lookout for the perfect tool that’ll allow KLIMCHI to leverage social proof, Lukas found ProveSource on the Shopify app store. 

Lukas found ProveSource provided more social proof solutions than he was initially looking for. Other than displaying KLIMCHI’s Trustpilot reviews to provide credibility, he also created notifications to present recent purchases, promotions, and trust guarantees to KLIMCHI’s visitors.

He was impressed with the number of features and modifications available for the different types of social proof notifications and was surprised at how efficiently ProveSource’s team helped him customize them to perfectly fit KLIMCHI’s needs.

“The team was very helpful in helping to set the notifications in a way that it is not obtrusive for our website users but at the same time capture the much-needed attention. The level of customization on ProveSource is great and their support team is knowledgeable about how to achieve the required solution”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI

Lukas was able to synchronize the social proof notification across all of KLIMCHI’s subdomains, which are targeted at different regions, each in its own currency. 

At the same time, he also created specific notifications targeted only at customers visiting specific pages. For example, special free delivery service to the UK and across the whole EU. And as for the US and Canada – for any order over $120.

“It is very helpful we can set the same set of notifications for our British customers as well as our European customers and our US ones”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI


Increased Conversion Rates

After implementing ProveSource, Lukas started displaying multiple customized notifications. In the first month following the installation, Lukas has found there has been a 77% increase in conversion rates.

Moreover, new visitors to KLIMCHI could easily see the positive reviews other customers have left on Trustpilot, and feel encouraged in purchasing any of the beautiful handmade pieces KLIMCHI’s team spends days creating. 

“We feel that social validation is the main driver of conversions. ProveSource offered us a very easy way to show exactly that, accompanied with a wide selection of other pop-up banners that alert our customers of recent purchases on the websites or current promotions”.

Lukas Klimcak
Founder, KLIMCHI

Achievements with ProveSource:

Original manufacturer of premium Bohemian glassware. Inspired by intricate skill and detailed precision to create exquisite tabletop glass pieces.

KLIMCHI works only with fine Bohemian glass to achieve the superior quality of the products. All of the pieces are handmade with love and care.


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