How Hush Blankets won customers’ trust and increased conversions with ProveSource

Sleep deprivation is becoming more common. Many people try to adjust their schedule to get as much work done as possible, and sleep gets neglected. However, Sleep deprivation is not an illness in itself but is usually the result of other illnesses and life circumstances such as anxiety and stress.

Lior Ohayon experienced sensory products back in 2011 when he volunteered in a summer camp for special needs children. There he discovered weighted blankets and their positive effect on the children.

The secret is DTPS, or Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, which helps people fall into a deeper sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up incredibly refreshed.

Knowing the power and opportunity in weighted blankets, Lior and his Co-founder Aaron Spivak decided to bring to the market a product that solved these problems in premium quality and design – and started Hush Blankets.


The major challenge Hush Blankets was struggling with was conversion rates, seeing as they were a bit lower than the industry standard.

One of the most common reasons leads don’t convert into customers is security and trust concerns. Trust plays a big role in the visitors’ decision to convert. When it comes to purchasing for the first time, audiences are naturally apprehensive. Consequently, if visitors don’t trust the website, they are probably not going to buy from it.

That meant Hush Blankets needed to prove to visitors that they were a trustworthy and safe place to shop on. 


Lior knew social proof is the ultimate tool to help increase conversion rates and display credibility on their website and after stumbling upon ProveSource another website, he realized it might be the perfect solution for Hush Blankets.

With ProveSource, Lior can harness the power of social proof by streaming recent customer behaviors on his website to build trust and increase conversions.

“We knew that social proof could help that, which is what we've seen using ProveSource”.

Lior Ohayon
Co-Founder, Hush Blankets

If you visit Hush Blankets’ website, you can easily notice the ProveSource notifications popping up on the left bottom corner of the screen, presenting recent purchases, live page visitors, and more!

Lior also creatively used ProveSource’s many features and customizable settings to create unique solutions, for example:

“Because of it's open and customizable settings, we created a display for current people on the cart page currently checking out, which is not a standard feature, but we were able to accomplish this by displaying current visitors on the site”.

Lior Ohayon
Co-Founder, Hush Blankets


Increased Trust

After installing ProveSource, Lior started experimenting with different notifications. They used informational notifications to increase credibility and give prospects a guarantee.

“Displaying our 100 Night Guarantee as a widget badge also helps reinforce security and confidence in the buying decision as users are browsing the site”.

Lior Ohayon
Co-Founder, Hush Blankets

More Sales

Utilizing social proof notifications to increase credibility and give a feeling of trust has really paid off for Hush Blankets, customers were more inclined to make a purchase knowing about the 100 night guarantee. The team at Hush performed more split tests to tailor their social proof to their audience, they even got some great responses:

“People have told us firsthand that they believed in our widget more than other websites that seem to fake their data. They've also told us it impacted their buying decision”.

Lior Ohayon
Co-Founder, Hush Blankets

Tips for ProveSource Users:

After using ProveSource for a while, Lior has found that in some cases, less is more. He suggests that to make the most out of social proof, one needs to be conservative:

“One interesting takeaway is not to overuse it and to also be aware of which pages you are showing it on. For example, showing it on the product page actually had a negative impact on conversion rates and also got in the way of our checkout buttons which are sticky to the bottom.

On the cart page, you may want to test showing the popup but not allowing it to be clickable. At that stage in the funnel, you wouldn't want customers leaving the page once they've pretty much decided they want to buy”.

Lior Ohayon
Co-Founder, Hush Blankets

Achievements with ProveSource:

Hush Blankets is a Canadian-based brand that’s set to lead the bedding industry with its premium weighted blankets.

The combination of innovative technology and high-quality materials such as non-toxic sand glass and microfibres is a game-changer in the market of weighted blankets.

Their goal is to help people around the world relax with ease and fall asleep faster.





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