How DAYMADE gained their customer’s trust with ProveSource

You probably have seen many online ads that offer the chance to win different things. From cash, gift cards, cars, or holidays, the range of prizes is endless. Such competitions or raffles are becoming even more popular as the influence of social media grows.

DAYMADE is a prize platform where players can win incredible at-home prizes and all-inclusive holidays and local experiences. DAYMADE was born from the belief that experiences are more valuable than money and works hard to offer players a wide range of prizes that are fun and memorable. 

Lisa Nederveen is the Co-founder & Head of Operations and Marketing at DAYMADE. She, along with a team of other travel enthusiasts, work hard to provide the best service to their players – which they call the heart of DAYMADE.

One special way DAYMADE differentiates itself from other contesting websites is that they offer fun prizes while supporting a good cause – for each purchase on the site, a tree is planted by their charity partner Trees for The Future. In addition to that, they host a charity raffle. All profits from their charity raffle are going to Healthcare Workers’ Foundation, which supports the welfare and well-being of those fighting to keep people healthy and safe during COVID-19.


With the rise of popularity of raffle websites, more and more such websites are trying to entice us to join their contest.

However, not all such websites are trustworthy – it’s no secret that many of these companies can gain people’s data and share or sell those details with third parties. Nobody likes the thought of being stolen from, and the online presence is no exception.

As a result, people have rightfully built up skepticism towards competition and raffle websites. The DAYMADE team understands that fact and so they welcome some healthy skepticism from new customers.

"We are a relatively new business that also operates within this space, potential customers understandably want to do their research before entering our competitions".

Lisa Nederveen
Co-founder, DAYMADE


With great trust from old, recurring players, DAYMADE had great reviews across multiple review platforms.To save people’s time having to do research themselves, Lisa wanted a way to communicate that level of trust to new visitors right on the homepage.

“I looked online for a social proof tool to help us amplify our players' voices as this is an important element in our customer's journey”.

Lisa Nederveen
Co-founder, DAYMADE

Social proof refers to the idea that people assume that the actions of others are correct, based on the frequency that they see said actions. Realizing that, a tool that displays other players’ actions seemed to be the perfect solution for them, and so they chose ProveSource. 

With ProveSource, displaying evidence that their website is trustworthy was easy! The review notifications on the site help new users get over the initial hurdle of wanting to understand whether they are a legitimate business with the player’s interest at heart.

“Reading about our players' experience, seeing how many players are raving about the prizes they won and the trees they planted, is a great way to introduce our brand to new users”.

Lisa Nederveen
Co-founder, DAYMADE


Increased trust & credibility

After implementing ProveSource, Lisa and the team found that utilizing social proof notifications to increase trust and credibility has worked out perfectly. 

Looking at the review notifications, new visitors saw DAYMADE has a great community of happy players who are equally passionate about travel, the environment, and making memories as they are, and felt confident in placing their trust in the site. 

“Yes, we pride ourselves on our 5-star rating across review platforms like Trustpilot, Facebook, and Google. ProveSource has helped us amplify these reviews and give our community even more space on our site!”.

Lisa Nederveen
Co-founder, DAYMADE

Achievements with ProveSource:

DAYMADE is a millennial & gen-z focused prize platform specializing in at-home, local, and travel experiences. For the price of a coffee, players can win exciting prizes while simultaneously supporting the planet.

Prizes on this platform range from at-home gifts like tech bundles, home makeovers and luxury gift sets to, concert tickets, afternoon tea for two and all-inclusive authentic holidays in bucket list destinations around the world.





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