How Cultivated Culture increased conversion rates by 25% using ProveSource

A few years ago, Austin Belcak was a fresh graduate with a degree in biology, a job in healthcare, and a dream of landing a job he truly loved that paid what he deserved. For over 2 years, he worked to fulfill that dream – improving his skills and applying for any job he could find. Soon, he was landing interviews and offers at Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. 

This experience had allowed him to transition his life and develop a true understanding of the perfect job hunting process. His analysis allowed him to uncover that “secret” that allows young people to land jobs in giant, successful companies.

Job hunting is a problem many struggle with, and Austin knew he wanted to share the knowledge and strategies he acquired with others. That’s why he created Cultivated Culture. 

Cultivated Culture is a business where Austin teaches people how to land jobs they love without traditional experience and without applying online. He provides free tools like resume builders, guides and courses, to help others do what he has done and get their dream job.


Cultivated Culture provides its followers with many resources and tools for free – from blog posts, Resumes and cover letters to community engagements. They also sell products – online courses. 

“When it comes to revenue, about 80% of ours is generated via online courses. Naturally, conversion rates are a huge part of that model so I'm always learning about new ways to improve and optimize our rates.”

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Conversion rate is the most important metric when you’re selling online. Austin told us he wanted to increase his conversion rates not only in converting prospects to signing up, but also further down the funnel.

“Increasing conversion rates in one step of the funnel can be a big win. Increasing them in multiple steps? That's massive”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Data Analysis

Austin shared that before ProveSource, they’d been trying to use a few different tactics to increase conversion rates. However, they faced the issue of tracking and analyzing data manually across multiple platforms, which proved to be messy and time-consuming.

“We were calculating data by hand in spreadsheets. We didn't have the type of analytics or reporting that come from a platform like ProveSource”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Despite collecting the data, Austin found it difficult to test and examine which tactics were working, and which were not. Which changes caused an increase in conversions, and which did the opposite?

The lack of correlation between different data points within a system that could display those analytics in a simple, understandable way, did not allow Austin to truly investigate what strategies worked for his audience 

“It was hard to draw a firm connection between our tweaks and the resulting data. It was even harder to connect the dots across multiple steps in the funnel”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture


Social Proof

Austin looked for a strategy to deploy for Cultivated Culture and eventually found social proof platforms. He loved the concept of capitalizing on sales momentum and testimonies to create FOMO and increase conversions.

“Most of the platforms I initially looked at had some crazy high pricing relative to their offerings...Then I found ProveSource”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

ProveSource, as a social proof notification platform, provides online businesses such as Cultivated Culture with a quality product and support to boost their conversions, using many different features and customization abilities to create a tailored experience for each site and audience – all for a competitive price.

“I was impressed by the features that ProveSource offered for the price point, so I decided to give it a shot. We haven't looked back since!”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Analytics and Customization

ProveSource also has a built-in Analytics report, constantly updating to reflect the statistics as they occur on the website. It shows website owners how their visitors interact with the social proof notifications. 

“Analytics allowed us to understand who was seeing the pop-up, hovering on it, clicking on it, etc”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

This data makes it easier to test and understand how the notifications, as a marketing strategy, influence conversion rates, and similar metrics.

“ProveSource also helped us get a better sense of the data and its correlation to the conversions”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Austin was able to use the different features and modifications available for the different types of social proof notifications, and A/B tested many options to see what worked best. 

“It also allowed us to A/B test messaging and different types of pop-ups. We could easily tie that back to sales on our side and the data was clear - ProveSource works!”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture


25% increase in webinar sign-ups

After implementing ProveSource, Austin and the team started using it on one of their products to test and gauge the results. They quickly realized the positive effect ProveSource’s social proof notification has on their conversion rates.

Following that, they implemented ProveSource for the launch of their flagship course. The results soon followed.

They saw a boost in converting sign-ups, an increase in sales volume and overall revenue:

“At the top of our funnel, we saw a 25% increase in webinar sign-ups. At the bottom of the funnel, despite an increase in our pricing, we saw a 13% increase in sales volume, and a 76% increase in revenue compared to the last launch we ran!”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Overall, Cultivated Culture has managed to use ProveSource to successfully increase conversions in multiple steps of their funnel – from building awareness to boosting purchases. 

We asked Austin if he had anything to share with our readers, and this is what he had to say:

“I wholeheartedly recommend ProveSource to anyone I'm speaking with about increasing conversions and sales. The feature set is fantastic and gives you the flexibility to boost metrics across a wide range of goals from awareness to conversions and the price is right!”.

Austin Belcak
Founder, Cultivated Culture

Achievements with ProveSource:

At Cultivated Culture, Austin Belcak teaches people how to use unconventional strategies to land jobs they love in today’s crowded market (without connections, without traditional “experience,” and without applying online).

Austin’s strategies have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Fast Company, and more. Today, his community of job seekers consists of 800,000+ students. They helped people land jobs at places like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, Goldman Sachs, and more.





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