How Avail increased conversions and brand credibility using ProveSource

Avail is a Proptech company based in Chicago, IL, focused on helping DIY landlords better manage their rental properties by providing tools, systems, and education. 

Most institutional landlords have access to powerful, yet costly tools, to help manage their properties. However, those same tools are overkill for the everyday, mom-pop landlord. 

Avail was started in order to solve this problem, and create an accessible, simple platform that will elevate the experience of both landlords and tenants nationwide. 

Nate Smoyer is the marketing director at Avail. His experience working with other Proptech companies to scale growth and as an real estate investor has given him the unique skill set to understand the needs and desires of the ideal Avail customer. Nate and his marketing team have developed effective strategies to reach the highly fragmented market of DIY landlords, and leveraging real-time social proof is just one of the tactics they’ve used to improve campaign performance. 


Nate confirmed what we pretty much already knew about marketers – they are constantly looking for techniques to optimize the website for better conversions.

“Every conversion matters. For our marketing campaigns, we're heavily focused on driving new accounts. Measuring successful new account conversion is our primary goal”.

Nate Smoyern
Marketing Director, Avail

The main goal of Avail marketing campaigns is to drive new accounts to their platform. The difficulty arises when it comes to getting people to sign up to a platform they aren’t familiar with—audiences are naturally apprehensive and usually need further proof before jumping on board. 

Nate never stopped learning or pushing the boundaries in order to meet his campaign’s end, and so, he was looking for a way to increase the level of credibility Avail had, and give visitors a reason to trust that Avail is right for them.


While doing research on conversion optimization for paid media traffic, Nate found ProveSource. He knew the power digital social proof can have when trying to convert prospects and wanted to utilize that to give visitors to Avail the confidence they needed to sign up.

“We leverage ProveSource to show prospective customers that other landlords, like them, have just recently signed up”.

Nate Smoyern
Marketing Director, Avail

After seeing that many other landlords have already signed up to Avail, new visitors can relate to the feeling of wanting to have that perfect solution for themselves as well. Avail’s social proof notifications help to establish credibility, and trust—just like a recommendation from a friend.

“This can help solve trust challenges, especially if a customer has only just recently heard of Avail for the first time”.

Nate Smoyern
Marketing Director, Avail


More Conversions & Trust

ProveSource helped Avail increase conversion rate by more than 200 BPS, effectively lowering the company’s CPA (cost per acquisition) and thus allowing Nate and his team to be bolder and more competitive in their acquisition efforts. 

Nate also appreciated ProveSource’s ease of use—fast implementation, intuitive design, easily customizable notifications and real results—all cemented ProveSource as his one-and-only social proof tool.

“ProveSource is really simple to use and helps drive results—fast. It's a tool I highly recommend and won't go without!”.

Nate Smoyern
Marketing Director, Avail

Achievements with ProveSource:

Avail is a platform that enables landlords to advertise rental units, screen tenants, request background, credit, and eviction checks, create and sign lease agreements, and collect rent — all online. Today, 200,000+ landlords use Avail.





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