How Andrew Mellen used ProveSource to increase sign-ups on his website

Andrew Mellen is an expert who focuses on organization, productivity, and efficiency. His goal is to help both people and businesses become more efficient, productive, and less scattered – to increase both their capacity and their impact. 

While helping organizations and individuals handle challenges with clutter and disorganization, or by extension, with systems that are not functioning optimally, he also makes sure to address their deeper, more fundamental internal challenges. In that way, he guarantees his solutions will continue to serve his clients for a lifetime. 

Andrew‘s beginning as a professional organizer is quite interesting. In 1996, he secured a job to organize a Nobel Peace Prize winner’s personal and professional photographs. While the gig never ended up happening, the recognition from getting that assignment led to him being referred to several people with similar needs. Word quickly spread of his skills and soon he had a growing practice as a professional organizer.

Back then he was a direct service provider, doing both residential work like closets, kitchens, pantries, garages, and also office work setting up and organizing computers, digital files, technology, and paperwork.

Today, Andrew is the founder and CEO of Andrew Mellen Inc. He is a Wall Street Journal top 10 best-selling author of Unstuff Your Life! and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving, and a frequent media expert on productivity and organizing. You can often see him on local and national TV outlets in the US, as well as leading workshops, speaking, and training on productivity, simplicity, and organizing internationally. 


Andrew has had a website since 2000 and began teaching online in 2012, but the website was not one of his primary sales or marketing channels, it was basically an online business card with his contact information.  With the rise of consumers looking for a solution for their problems online, Andrew decided to start optimizing and growing this channel as well.

One key business element for Andrew was differentiating himself from his competition online. He wanted to show visitors that the service he is offering will be the last solution they’ll need to effectively solve their problems. Other organizers seem to focus on getting organized which doesn’t solve the fundamental issue of staying organized—that keeps clients dependent on incomplete systems and forces them to spend the rest of their lives getting organized again and again.

Andrew wanted to emphasize that the solution that he is selling is based on a fundamental mindset shift and a way of living that sets you free for good.

“It's often with colleagues and competitors that the help they are offering people isn’t focused on setting them free, but instead, replacing one faulty unsustainable system with another. If you already have too much to do, how can you possibly manage to do everything in front of you PLUS maintain another external system? It doesn’t add up.

So I want to distinguish myself from those kinds of offerings. My goal is to help each client and organization to completely transform how they think about, feel about and interact with stuff and time. That’s the simplest and most effective way to change your life and set you free.”

Andrew Mellen
Founder & CEO, Andrew Mellen Inc.

Another thing that Andrew wanted to combat was the issue of visitors’ skepticism or distrust. The internet is full of people making grand promises they can’t deliver on, and the problem Andrew helps his clients solve is not uncommon – but it still comes with feelings of guilt and shame. Most people don’t want to identify themselves as disorganized – especially in front of their friends, family, or colleagues. 

These concerns led Andrew to look for a tool that would help him get his website visitors to feel confident—both in his ability to deliver on his promise AND to see that they are not alone. By doing that, his prospects will begin to feel hopeful that his approach will deliver the results they are seeking and choose him over his competitors.  


Andrew was familiar with the power of digital social proof to build trust with website visitors and after seeing social proof notifications on other websites, decided to try one for himself. He tried several other platforms but was always left unsatisfied. That is until he had found ProveSource.

“We tried a couple of other plugins in the journey towards ProveSource, looking for one that was stable and attractive. We wanted something we could start off trying for free so that we could see if it worked.”

Andrew Mellen
Founder & CEO, Andrew Mellen Inc.

He quickly found that social proof was the perfect way to deal with his hesitant or reluctant visitors. While people are usually ashamed or afraid to admit they are disorganized or not high-functioning, seeing that many others have already trusted Andrews’ guidance and have signed up for his services or bought his books can show those that are hesitant realize that they are not alone, and give them the courage to take steps to improve and declutter their lives.

“ProveSource shows them that they're not the only ones and that there's nothing to be ashamed of. There are plenty of people who are also disorganized and are enthusiastic about signing up for our products and services.”

Andrew Mellen
Founder & CEO, Andrew Mellen Inc.

Displaying notifications that show new visitors that so many others also chose to sign up to participate in Andrew’s programs gives the website a feeling of credibility and a certain edge over his competitors – it provides actual, living proof to his claims and offers.


More Signups

After installing ProveSource and creating his social proof notifications, Andrew felt like there was a shift in the behavior of his website visitors. He has seen an increase in the number of prospects that sign up for his free offers and enroll in his paid programs and he believes ProveSource is a big contributor to that fact.

The crowd mentality aspect of social proof makes the decision process for his customers much faster and easier. The potential customer can see that Andrew and his team know what they’re doing. The work has an impact. And if others have decided to sign up, they probably should as well.

“I think the immediacy of the social proof notifications is exciting and creates a sense of urgency in other visitors to our site. They can see in real-time while on the website that other people are already signing up and joining in. So while they are considering whether they should sign up, they see other people around them opting in, too - that’s definitely a confidence boost!”

Andrew Mellen
Founder & CEO, Andrew Mellen Inc.

Achievements with ProveSource:

Andrew Mellen Inc. helps clients around the globe crush the notion of having too much to do and not enough time, and brings their mission and daily operations into alignment with their values.

His coaching uses field-tested best practices, data-driven scientific research, and common sense, to create sustainable systems for streamlined operations, and offers training on everything from time management, productivity, and organization to project management.





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